State of Cuba
Flag of Cuba state State seal of Cuba
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Land of Wonders
Motto(s): Aut vincere aut mori (Latin)
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Demonym Cuban
Capital Havana
Largest city Havana
Largest metro area Havana Metropolitan Area
Area  Ranked {{{AreaRank}}} in the US
 - Total 42,427 sq mi
(109,886 km2)
 - Width {{{WidthUS}}} miles ({{{Width}}} km)
 - Length {{{LengthUS}}} miles ({{{Length}}} km)
 - % water 2.09
 - Latitude {{{Latitude}}}
 - Longitude {{{Longitude}}}
Population  Ranked 32nd in the US
 - Total 12,825,321 (2008 est.)
 - Density {{{2000DensityUS}}}/sq mi  ({{{2000Density}}}/km2)
Ranked {{{DensityRank}}} in the US
 - Highest point {{{HighestPoint}}}
{{{HighestElevUS}}} ft  ({{{HighestElev}}} m)
 - Mean {{{MeanElevUS}}} ft  ({{{MeanElev}}} m)
 - Lowest point {{{LowestElevUS}}} ft  ({{{LowestElev}}} m)
Admission to Union  June 25, 1852 ({{{AdmittanceOrder}}})
Governor Juan Carlos González (R)
Lieutenant Governor María Sanchez (R)
Legislature General Assembly
  -Upper house Senate
  -Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. Senators {{{Senators}}}
U.S. House delegation List
Time zone Eastern: UTC-5/DST-4
Abbreviations CB US-CB

Cuba is one of the 74 United States.

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