Cuba is a US state located on the island which gives it its namesake in the Caribbean ocean. It is one of two (the other being Puerto Rico) US states that does not share a land border with any other state, due to it being located on an island. Thus, despite being only 90 miles from southern Florida, it is not counted into the "upper 48" states. Cuba has, as of 2010, a population of about 19,123,455 people, making it the fourth-largest state in the Union behind only California, Texas and New York, and only barely larger than Florida, its northern neighbor.

Cuba has the largest Hispanic population in the United States and, like Puerto Rico, is one of two states where the Hispanic population is in the majority, with 52% of the population, and Spanish is in fact the official language of many municipalities. The capital of Cuba is Havana, which is one of the largest cities in the United States.


Spanish Colonial Rule

Annexation by United States and Influx of American Settlers

19th Century Cuba and Cultural Clashes

20th Century Developments, Industrialization and Tourism Boom

Contemporary Cuba

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