República de Cuba
Republic of Cuba
Timeline: Imperial Machines
Preceded by 20 May, 1902 - 29 May, 1902 Succeeded by
Flag of Spain Kingdom of Spain Flag of Sweden Empire of Sweden
Flag of Cuba Coat of arms of Cuba
Flag Seal

¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos! (Spanish)
("Homeland or Death, we shall overcome!")

Anthem "La Bayamesa"
Capital and largest city Havana
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Republic

Before 1902, the Republic of Cuba is a short-lived nation when Cuba seceded from US rule in 1902 in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War that took Cuba from Spanish rule in 1898 until the Swedish conquest of Cuba. Cuban independence from the United States was guaranteed in the Platt Amendment proposed to the United States Congress in 1901. It was officially a representative democracy though at times it became controlled by a military junta. After shortly its independence, The Swedish Conquest of Cuba started while Swedish president going to Caribbean. This ends a massive Swedish annexation of Cuba and become the first colony of Sweden.