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Estados Unidos de Cuba
United States of Cuba
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Cuba
Flag of Cuba (Southern Independence)
Flag of Cuba
Cuba county map (Alternity)
Location of Cuba
(and largest city)
Other cities Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Georgetown, New Boston
Language Cuban
Demonym Cuban
Government Presidential Republic
  legislature Cuban Congress
President John Walker
Vice President
Area 109,884 km²
Population 1,390,000 
Established May 17th, 1877
Independence from Spain
  declared August 13th, 1876
Currency Cuban dollar


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The Cuban government is a Presidential republic modeled after the former United States government founded of refugees from America and the remnants of the local colonial government. The President and Vice President are directly by the people, with the Electoral College being eliminated.



The Cuban military is modeled after the defunct American and Spanish militaries. The military was founded soon after the establishment of the independent government of Cuba by the remnants of the Spanish government's colonial troops and refugees fleeing the chaos tearing apart America. The Cuban Navy is one of the largest in the Caribbean. The first cannons used in the fortifications were salvaged from unusable ships that had fled from America with refugees. While the navy has degraded somewhat as the Cubans didn't have the resources to properly maintain the fleet in the beginning, a few of the less seaworthy vessels had since been beached and salvaged for resources.

International Relations

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