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Estado de Cuba
State of Cuba

Flag of Cuba
Flag of Cuba
Cuba coa
Coat of Arms
Location de cuba2
Dependency of: American Moral Peace
Capital Havana
Area 110,861 km²
Population 11,177,743 inhabitants
Admittance to CS 1919
by Donnie thorson writer for hire:gracepointegables nursinghome-library dept 135 N fern st Cambridge mn 55008

Cuba(aka the floating plantation) the only territory of the confederate states of Dixie;it shares rule with the British Emipire which ruledit solo until the divorCE of the csd from theUSA. While Britain due to hate of slavery refused unlike the French Empire and its satilite Empire of Mexico to support the CSD the slaveholders on Cuba renouncing the 1833 abolition of slavery throughout the british empire making Cuba the only British land co-owned by another country,and the last chuck of Britain under slavery

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