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The Cthulhu War, also known as the Human-Monster War, was a global conflict involving almost every human nation on the globe, combating the forces of Cthulhu and several other monster warlords. It is noted as being one of the most devastating wars in human history, resulting in the deaths of millions worldwide.

European TheatreEdit

African TheatreEdit

Asian TheatreEdit

Oceanian TheatreEdit

North American TheatreEdit

South American TheatreEdit

The South American theatre became much more expansive as various monsters made landfall all over the west coast and began over running and crushing nations and their various Governments. Nations such as Chile, and Ecuador became hotbeds for Monster activity and with various nations unable to cope or send help they have nearly fallen. Ecuador is an exception as Colombian forces have moved into the country to prevent monsters from over running the area and opening a large scale front right into the Colombian Safe zone.

Chile, while overrun, still has some population left and Colombian forces occupied the north to create a safe zone in order to evacuate thousands of people while nearly 15,000 Colombian troops attempted to hold safe zone in northern Chile in an attempt to prevent the nation from fully collapsing.

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