The Guanabarean Cruzeiro (sign: Cr$; code: GBC; also referred to as the cruzeiro; Cross in english, pl. cruzeiros) is the official currency of the Kingdom of Guanabara and its territories. It is divided into 100 smaller cent units, called centavos. The circulating paper money consists of banknotes produced by the Banco Central (Central Bank), located in Guanabara City.

The Cruzeiros has been used since the independence, although the design on the bills have changed since the first notes. Also during the dictatorship, all banknotes were taken out of circulation and replaced with others without any reference to the monarchy.


Denomination Note Portrait Reverse Motif
One Cruzeiro OneCruzeiroBill(GB-GONN) José Bonifácio, Duke of Pernambuco and first prime minister Bonifácio Palace, Guanabara City
Five Cruzeiros FiveCruzeiroBill(GB-GONN) José Paranhos, Duke of Rio Branco Catete Palace, Guanabara City
Ten Cruzeiro TenCruzeiroBill(GB-GONN) H.M. Marco I, of Guanabara Royal Palace, Guanabara City
Fifty Cruzeiros FiftyCruzeiroBill(GB-GONN) Cardinal Arcoverde Royal Cathedral of Saint Mark, Guanabara City
One Hundred Cruzeiros OneHundredCruzeiroBill(GB-GONN) Francisco III Barroso, Marquis of Paraguai NRG NAe Rio de Janeiro, Flagship of the Guanabarean East Coast fleet

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