Crown of Aragon
Corona d'Aragò
Timeline: Cabotia and Brasil
Flag of Catalonia No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Basque, Sicilian, Napolitan, Greek
Prime Minister
Currency Daler

The crown of Aragon compromises territories in Iberia, Italia, the Balcans and Africa.

The Iberian territory limits in the north with France, the west and south with Castile and the east with the Mediterranean sea.

The Italian territory limits in the north with Italy and Rome, and all other cardinal points with the Mediterranean Sea.

Also includes the Balear Islands, and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, and the Barbary in Africa.


Charles V pushed to unite the territories of the Crown of Aragon into a single kingdom in 1523, unifying institutions and setting the Capital at Valencia.

The Crown of Aragon was one of the most important Christian fronts to confront the Ottomans in the Mediterranean. This lead the Aragonese to found several fortifications in the Barbary (Northern Africa).

With the Conquest of Egypt in 1798, the Crown of Aragon was established as one of the main European forces in the colonization of Africa, together with the English and the Dutch.

After the decolonization of Africa since mid 20th century, the Crown of Aragon still holds the territories of Tunis, Alger, and Rabat.


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