Anna of Finland

Crown Princess Anna speaking on Finnish independence day, November 18 2009

Crown Princess Anna is the daughter of King Kaarle III and Queen Sonja, and is the heir to the throne of Finland. In 2011 she announced that when she assumes the throne she will take the title Christina II, this would make her the first monarch of an independent Finland to offically acknowledge continuity with the monarchy of Sweden.

Anna was born on September 22 1971 in the Royal Palace, Helsinki. She was born the first female child to benefit from the revised royal succession rights of 1958, making her second in line to the throne at birth (after her father), and remaining second in line after the birth of her younger brother Kaarle.

In 1991 her grandfather Kaarle II died and her father became king. On June 23rd 1991 - the same day her father was crowned king - she was invested as crown princess.

She studied law at Mannerheim University, Helsinki (1989 - 1991), before ceasing her education to concentrate on her official capacity as heir to the throne. But in 1994 she was able to complete her studies. In 1997 she was able to obtain special constitutional permission to start her own business, G-T, an electronics company. The company was very successful, and in 2002 was successfully acquired by the electronics giant Nokia and Anna accepted a position on the board of directors of the company. In 2007 she became CEO of Nokia, but in 2011 she retired from business to concerntrate on her royal duties.

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