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In Brazil, the Crown Jewels are historic ceremonial objects, including the regalia and vestments worn by kings and queens at their coronation ceremony, and objects which beloged to royals and were bequeathed to the posterity. The collection is made up of crowns, sceptres, orbs, swords, robes, necklaces, rings, tiaras and diadems, as well as many other priceless objects. Far more than gold and precious stones, they are potent symbols of the monarchy.

A number of items are still used at coronations, the State Opening of the Congress, royal apparitions and a few other state occasions. Some pieces were only designed to be used once or fell to disuse, such as most of th crowns.

When not in use, the jewels are on public display, mainly in the at the Jewel Section, in the Royal Museum, Rio de Janeiro, where they are seen by over four million visitors from across the world every year. Although they are part of the Royal Collection, held in trust by King Marco II for his successors and the nation, the Crown Jewels do not belong to the monarch personally.

The Monarch's Regalia


Historical Crowns

Imperial Crowns


Tiaras and Diadems



Necklaces and bracelets

Earings, combs and rings

Robes and dresses


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