Cross the Time Streams is a simple ISOT Map Game, and most likely the first on the Althistory wiki.

ATTENTION!: The game has been closed due to user incompetency and inactivity.


Long ago, an event occurred, effecting many diverse and different nations, and people across the multiverses. Many do not understand why this event occurred, and many will probably never know to be honest. All that matters now, is these nations get used to their neighbors, because they are stuck with these strange, but somewhat familiar neighbors of theirs. All teleported to a virgin Earth, identical to the one they know and call home. Unaffected by man's interference, with resources restored and bountiful. Animals long since extinct now alive and roaming. How will these great nations and people survive this new, almost alien world? Only time will tell.


  • 1. LightningLynx89 is the overseer of this world, and will try to balance and keep this world in order to the best of his abilities and powers.
  • 2. Only 1 "large" ISOT, 2 "medium" ISOT, or 3 "small" ISOTs. Be courteous of what you bring in, and be fair to your fellow member wanting to ISOT.
  • 3. After we finish teleporting in these nations and people, we will begin writing about the years events.
  • 4. ISOT anything from alternate history. Keep them realistic, and 'Earthly'. No God Emperor, Cthulhu, no technological nations over 2016, keep them within in history. And no Video Game, Comic, Movie, or TV ISOTs either. (If this game succeeds and is seen positively we will expand).
  • 5. All turns are first come first serve. As soon as you finish your turn, you can reclaim another.
  • 6. All turns last twenty-four hours, once the time is up your claim is bumped down.
  • 7. Have fun, and enjoy what you bring in. You can ISOT one small nation if that's all you want, and if that is all you have passion for.
  • 8. I will have first claim.
  • 9. If you miss out on three cycles you will be banned and unable to post in the game any further, due to being deemed incompetent and flaky.


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  • Nation Name:
  • Commonly known as:
  • Government:
  • Capitol:
  • ISOTed from:
  • Technology level:
  • Year ISOTed from:
  • Special traits:
  • Territory ISOTed:
  • Religions:
  • Languages:
  • Head(s) of State:
  • Head(s) of Government:
  • Brief history:


  • Entity/Character Name:
  • Type of Entity:
  • ISOTed from:
  • Abilities:
  • Description:

Claim List

  1. .....  Because I'm Just... Too... SSSWWWEEEEEETTT!!!
  2. Octboi
  3. KawaaiKame
  4. Emperor Eric XV of Sweden - Sugar Rush Art Eric von Schweetz T C IM] Flag of Sweetmany
  5. Reclaim
  6. Upvote

Banned List

Current Map

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 15 (Orange)

ISOT Turns

ISOT Turn 1 (LightningLynx89)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 1 (LightningLynx89)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: United States of America
  • Commonly known as: America, United States
  • Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Capital: Washington DC (Not ISOT'd)
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline, 2016
  • Technology level: 2016
  • Year ISOTed from: 2016
  • Special traits: It's the United States from 2016
  • Territory ISOTed: Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, and Alaska State
  • Religions: Christianity (Majority), Jewish, Muslim
  • Languages: English (official), Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, etc...
  • Head(s) of State: President Barrack Obama (Not ISOT'd)
  • Head(s) of Government: Vice-President Joe Biden (Not ISOT'd)
  • Brief History: Brief History

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: State of Deseret
  • Commonly known as: Deseret
  • Government: Theodemocracy
  • Capital: Salt Lake City
  • ISOTed from: Mormon Success
  • Technology level: 1900
  • Year ISOTed from: 1900
  • Special traits: They're Mormons, they're very nice and passive.
  • Territory ISOTed: Entire nation
  • Religions: Mormonism
  • Languages: English
  • Head(s) of State: Governor James Glover
  • Head(s) of Government: Assistant General Roscoe Nye
  • Brief history: The nation of Deseret was one of the United States' blunder. The small nation was once a proposed state for the United States, but unfortunately the proposals and compromises were unsuccessful and seen as insulting to those whom lived in the region. United under a common cause, and very similar the Mormon people of Deseret declared their independence from the United States. While not seen as official by the United States, they waited to see how long Deseret would last on its own. When the American Civil War around, interest in reuniting Deseret fell apart very quickly. And with the nation of Deseret expanding and their years separated from the United States. They formed their own identity and politics. During and after the Civil War, many Americans from the North and South fled westward to avoid the fighting and many eventually ended up permanently settling in Deseret. Many even converting to Mormonism. Now the country of Deseret is a self-sufficient nation. Bordered by both Mexico, whom they are actually close friends with, and surrounded on all sides by the United States. But now, those citizens are wondering why Colorado, Idaho, California, and Oregon look a lot more... desert like...

ISOT Turn 2 (Scarlet Outlaw)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 2 (Scarlet Outlaw)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Byzantium
  • Commonly known as: Byzantium
  • Government: Dual Absolute Monarchy
  • Capital: Constantinople
  • ISOTed from:
  • Technology level: WW1
  • Year ISOTed from: 1915
  • Special traits: Great at building cities
  • Territory ISOTed: Balkans, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt
  • Religions: Orthodox Christian, Judaism, and Islam
  • Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, and Hungarian
  • Head(s) of State: Emperor Giannis I Papanikolis
  • Head(s) of Government: Prince Spyro I Papanikolis
  • Brief history:

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: New England
  • Commonly known as: New England
  • Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Capital: Boston
  • ISOTed from:
  • Technology level: 1990
  • Year ISOTed from: 1995
  • Special traits: Great industry
  • Territory ISOTed: Northeastern America
  • Religions: All
  • Languages: All
  • Head(s) of State: President George Pataki
  • Head(s) of Government: Vice-President David Dawkins
  • Brief history:

Turn 3 (LightningLynx89)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 3 (LightningLynx89)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Empire of Japan
  • Commonly known as: Japan
  • Government: One-party military dictatorship (de facto), Constitutional monarchy (de jure)
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline, 1941
  • Technology level: 1941
  • Year ISOTed from: December 6th, 1941
  • Special traits: Zealot and willing to die to defend their country, all soldiers and naval vessels not in territory ISOT'd are put back to homeland.
  • Territory ISOTed: All lands that are not in combat.
  • Religions: None (de jure), Shintoism (de facto)
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Head(s) of State: Showa Hirohito
  • Head(s) of Government: Hideki Tojo
  • Brief History: [History of Japan]

Turn 4 (Orangebird763)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 4 (Orange)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Great Qing Kingdom of China
  • Commonly known as: China; Qing China
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Capital: Peking (de jure, not ISOT'd)
  • ISOTed from: The British Ain't Coming
  • Technology level: Somewhere behind 1999
  • Year ISOTed from: December 20th, 1999
  • Special traits: Has a high standard of living; a relatively rich country.
  • Territory ISOTed: Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fuijan, Taiwan, Zheijiang, Macau, and Kwangchow Wan
  • Religions: None at national level
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Head(s) of State: Gengchen Emperor (not ISOT'd)
  • Head(s) of Government: Liu Junning (not ISOT'd)
  • Brief history: The Qing dynasty's history is a long one, starting with its establishment in 1644, as it conquered the Ming dynasty until 1683. At its zenith, Qing China came to rule over one-third of the world's population at the time, had the world's largest economy, and was one of the largest empires by area in history. The Qing's history is no peaceful one, however; it constantly resisted looming threats from the Western powers, and faced the Taiping Rebellion for 14 years; China was also forced to endure the bloody Pacific War, as Japanese troops poured into the mainland. However, China remains triumphant, and has survived to modern times. However, those in the southeastern region that were just celebrating the return of Macau from Portugal are now left in a state of confusion from a great, mysterious Event...

Naiton 2

  • Nation Name: Kingdom of Hawai'i
  • Commonly known as: Hawaii
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Capital: Honolulu
  • ISOTed from: Hawai'i Pono'i
  • Technology level: 1955
  • Year ISOTed from: 1955
  • Special traits: As an insular nation, it is harder to attack.
  • Territory ISOTed: Hawaiian Islands
  • Religions: Church of Hawaii
  • Languages: Hawaiian, English
  • Head(s) of State: Queen Kawānanakoa II
  • Head(s) of Government: Kealoha Akaka
  • Brief history: The Kingdom of Hawaii was established in 1795 with the unification of the Hawaiian islands. It has long been the interest of colonial powers. Hawaii was briefly occupied by the British during the Paulet Affair in 1843. The French raided Honolulu six years later in 1849. The greatest test of all for Hawaii was when it successfully defeated a coup d'etat with the goal of overthrowing the Hawaiian monarchy, largely at the hands of Americans, on January 17, 1893. It is believed that if the Americans succeeded, Hawaii would have been annexed by the United States. However, since it survived the coup, Hawaii remained independent; and so the Hawaiian islands remained Hawai'i Pono'i, Hawaiʻi's Own.

Turn 5 (Octivian Marius)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 5 (Oct)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Flag of Cuba Republic of Cuba
  • Commonly known as: Cuba
  • Government: Single Party Communist State
  • Capital: Havana
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1962
  • Year ISOTed from: 1962
  • Special traits: Has Soviet Nukes
  • Territory ISOTed: Cuba
  • Religions: State Atheism
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Head(s) of State: Fidel Castro
  • Head(s) of Government: Fidel Castro
  • Brief history: History of Cuba, pretty much that until the Cuban missile crisis in which the Soviet Union armed Cuba with Nukes. Cuba is ISOTed the day before the Cuban missile crisis ended.

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: Flag of Corsica Republic of Corsica
  • Commonly known as: Corsica
  • Government: Parliamentary Republic
  • Capital: Ajaccio
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1767
  • Year ISOTed from: 1767
  • Special traits: Will have Napoleon.
  • Territory ISOTed: Corsica
  • Religions: Roman Catholicism
  • Languages: Italain
  • Head(s) of State: Pasquale Paoli
  • Head(s) of Government: Pasquale Paoli
  • Brief history: The Corsican Republic was founded by Pasquale Paoli in 1755. It is most famous for in modern day for its principles of democracy such as granting women the right to vote. It is also famous for being the birthplace of the great Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nation 3

  • Nation Name: Icelandic Commonwealth
  • Commonly known as: Iceland
  • Government: Commonwealth
  • Capital: Reykjavik
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1000
  • Year ISOTed from: 1000
  • Special traits: Lots of Volcanos.
  • Territory ISOTed: Iceland
  • Religions: Roman Catholicism
  • Languages: Icelandic
  • Head(s) of State: idk
  • Head(s) of Government: idk
  • Brief history:History of Iceland Icelandic Commonwealth

ISOT Turn 6 (JoshTheRoman)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Confederate States of America
  • Commonly known as: Dixie
  • Government: Confederal presidential republic
  • Capital: Richmond
  • ISOTed from: Our Timeline, 1861
  • Technology level: 1945
  • Year ISOTed from: 1861
  • Special traits: It's the cotton'pickin Dixie!
  • Territory ISOTed: All of the CSA, including territories
  • Religions: Christianity (Majority), Islam (Very Minority)
  • Languages: English (official)
  • Head(s) of State: Jefferson Davis
  • Head(s) of Government: Robert E. Lee
  • Brief History:

ISOT Turn 7 (Deutsch)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 7 (Deutsch)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Peru-Bolivian Confederation
  • Commonly known as: Peru-Bolivia
  • Government: Federal Presidential Republic
  • Capitol: Lima (Holds congress and federal institutions) and Tacna (Home of the president)
  • ISOTed from: A Reich Disunited
  • Technology level: 2010
  • Year ISOTed from: 2016
  • Special traits: Very unified and patriotic population, strengthened from several wars. Hatred towards Fascism.
  • Territory ISOTed: Entire mainland
  • Religions: Mostly Catholics, with a minority of Protestants and Indigenous religions
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Head(s) of State: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (Not ISOT'd)
  • Head(s) of Government: Jorge Quiroga
  • Brief history: The nation was formed as a loose confederation between Peru and Bolivia in the year 1836, but collapsed following a war with Argentina and Peruvian dissidents. However, following the Great War (ATL WWI), the confederation was recreated to ensure the safety of democracy in South America, as the nations of Brazil and Venezuela had supported the Central Powers. By the time of the American War (ATL WWII), Peru-Bolivia had swiftly set up a defense of itself and its allies, allowing them to prepare a counterattack to the invading Brazilians; quickly ending the war in South America. On the modern day, Peru-Bolivia is one of South America's most advanced nations.

ISOT Turn 8 (United Republic)

Cross the Time Streams ISOT Turn 7 (UR)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: German Empire
  • Commonly known as: Germany
  • Government: Federal constitutional monarchy
  • Capitol: Berlin
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1914
  • Year ISOTed from: 1914
  • Special traits: High population, large industrial base, big military, nationalism
  • Territory ISOTed: OTL German Empire
  • Religions: Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism
  • Languages: German
  • Head(s) of State: His Imperial Majesty Wilhelm II
  • Head(s) of Government: Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg
  • Brief history: The German Empire was established in 1871 after the unification of the North German Confederation and Prussia's victory in the Franco-Prussian War. Soon after, Germany became a dominant military force in Europe, remaining so to the year 1914.

ISOT Turn 9 (LightningLynx89)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 8 (LightningLynx89)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Dominion of Canada
  • Commonly known as: Canada
  • Government: Federal parliamentary representative democracy under constitutional monarchy
  • Capitol: Ottawa
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 1867
  • Year ISOTed from: 1867
  • Special traits: Really nice people, and French Canadians
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religions: Protestant and Catholic
  • Languages: English, French, Native languages.
  • Head(s) of State: The Viscount Monck
  • Head(s) of Government: Sir John A. Macdonald
  • Brief history: History of Canada

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: Kingdom of Prussia
  • Commonly known as: Prussia
  • Government: Absolute Monarchy
  • Capitol: Berlin
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 1815
  • Year ISOTed from: 1815
  • Special traits: Very well organized military
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religions: Protestant (Lutheran and Reformed), Catholic, and Jewish
  • Languages: German (Official), Low German, Polish, Danish, Frisian, Lower Sorbian, Kashubian
  • Head(s) of State: Frederick William III
  • Head(s) of Government: Frederick William III
  • Brief history: History of Prussia

Nation 3

  • Nation Name: Mongol Empire
  • Commonly known as: Mongolia
  • Government: Elective monarchy
  • Capitol: Karakorum
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 1300
  • Year ISOTed from: 1300
  • Special traits: Nomadic
  • Territory ISOTed: Core
  • Religions: Tengrism/Shamanism, Buddhism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism, Orthodox Christianity
  • Languages: Mongolian, Chinese, Turkic, Persian and other languages
  • Head(s) of State: Temür Khan
  • Head(s) of Government: Temür Khan
  • Brief history: History of the Mongol Empire

ISOT Turn 10 (Eric4e)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 9 (Eric4e)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Aztec Empire
  • Commonly known as: The Aztecs
  • Government: Hegemonic military confederation, Alliance of city-states
  • Capitol: Tenochtitlan
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 1519
  • Year ISOTed from: 1519
  • Special traits:
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religion: Aztec polytheism
  • Languages: Nahuatl
  • Head(s) of State: Moctezuma II
  • Head(s) of Government: None
  • Brief history: History of Aztec Empire

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Commonly known as: Austria-Hungary
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy, Personal union (through dual monarchy)
  • Capitol: Vienna (main capital) and Budapest
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 1914
  • Year ISOTed from: 1914
  • Special traits:
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religions: Catholic, Protestant and Jewish
  • Languages: German, Hungarian and other languages
  • Head(s) of State: Francis Joseph I
  • Head(s) of Government: Leopold Berchtold
  • Brief history: History of Austria-Hungary

Nation 3

  • Nation Name: Kingdom of Joseon
  • Commonly known as: Korea
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Capitol: Hanseong
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 2016
  • Year ISOTed from: 1897
  • Special traits:
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religions: Neo-Confucianism (state religion)
  • Languages: Korean
  • Head(s) of State: Gojong
  • Head(s) of Government: Yun Yong-sun
  • Brief history: History of Korea

ISOT Turn 11 (United Republic)

Cross the Time Streams ISOT Turn 11 (UR)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Republic of Texas
  • Commonly known as: Texas
  • Government: Unitary presidential republic
  • Capitol: Texana City
  • ISOTed from: N/A
  • Technology level: 2016
  • Year ISOTed from: 1836
  • Special traits: Oil, patriots, and cowboys
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religions: Protestantism
  • Languages: English
  • Head(s) of State: Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Head(s) of Government: George W. Bush
  • Brief History: The Republic of Texas was established in 1836 as an independent colony in Mesopotamia.

ISOT Turn 12 (LightiningLynx)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 12 (LightningLynx89)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Early Dynastic Period of Mesopotamia
  • Commonly known as: Sumer
  • Government: Absolute divine monarchy
  • Capitol: none
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 2991 BC
  • Year ISOTed from: 2991 BC
  • Special traits: none.
  • Territory ISOTed: Entire region
  • Religions: Various religions
  • Languages: Various
  • Head(s) of State: Various
  • Head(s) of Government: Various
  • Brief History: History of Sumer

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: Kingdom of Sicily
  • Commonly known as: Sicily
  • Government: Feudal monarchy
  • Capitol: Palermo
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1784
  • Year ISOTed from: 1784
  • Special traits: None.
  • Territory ISOTed: Entire
  • Religions: Catholicism
  • Languages: Italian
  • Head(s) of State: Ferdinand III
  • Head(s) of Government: Ferdinand III
  • Brief History: History of Sicily

Nation 3

  • Nation Name: Kingdom of the Visigoths
  • Commonly known as: Visigoths
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Capitol: Narbonne
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 527 AD
  • Year ISOTed from: 527 AD
  • Special traits: None
  • Territory ISOTed: Entire
  • Religions: Nicene Christianity, Germanic Paganism
  • Languages: Vulgar Latin, Gothic (spoken among elite)
  • Head(s) of State: King Athalaric
  • Head(s) of Government: King Athalaric
  • Brief History: History of the Visigoths

Turn 13 (Deutsch)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 13 (Deutsch)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • Commonly known as: Soviet Union/USSR
  • Government: Single party sovietist state
  • Capitol: Moscow
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1939
  • Year ISOTed from: 1939
  • Special traits: Large, harsh winters and expansive army
  • Territory ISOTed: Far west
  • Religions: None; state athiesm
  • Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Finnish
  • Head(s) of State: Joseph Stalin
  • Head(s) of Government: Joseph Stalin
  • Brief History:History of the Soviet Union (1927–53)

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: Kingdom of Italy
  • Commonly known as: Italy
  • Government: Consultant Senate
  • Capitol: Milan
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1814
  • Year ISOTed from: 1814
  • Special traits: None
  • Territory ISOTed: Mainland excluding dalmatia and Iryllia
  • Religions: Catholic
  • Languages: Italian, French
  • Head(s) of State: Napoleon I (Not ISOT'd)
  • Head(s) of Government: Napoleon I (Not ISOT'd)
  • Brief History:History of Italy

Turn 14 (Eric4e)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 14 (Eric4e)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: Han Dynasty
  • Commonly known as: China
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Capitol: Luoyang
  • ISOTed from: Original Timeline
  • Technology level: 87 AD
  • Year ISOTed from: 87 AD
  • Special traits:
  • Territory ISOTed: All, except for North Korea
  • Religions: Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Head(s) of State: Emperor Zhangdi
  • Head(s) of Government: Various
  • Brief history: History of the Han Dynasty

Turn 15 (Orange)

Cross the Time Streams, ISOT Turn 15 (Orange)

Nation 1

  • Nation Name: First French Empire
  • Commonly known as: France
  • Government: Absolute monarchy
  • Capitol: Paris
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1812
  • Year ISOTed from: 1812
  • Special traits: It has Napoleon!!!
  • Territory ISOTed: All (excluding client states, Illyrian provinces, West Frisia, Catalan provinces, and some Italian provinces)
  • Religions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism
  • Languages: French
  • Head(s) of State: Napoleon I
  • Head(s) of Government: Napoleon I
  • Brief history: See here

Nation 2

  • Nation Name: Netherlands New Guinea
  • Commonly known as: Dutch New Guinea
  • Government: Dutch Colony
  • Capitol: Hollandia
  • ISOTed from: OTL
  • Technology level: 1960
  • Year ISOTed from: 1960
  • Special traits: It is pretty much Dutch soil, so perhaps it could become a rump Netherlands.
  • Territory ISOTed: All
  • Religions: Christianity, folk religion
  • Languages: Dutch, Papuan languages, Austronesian languages.
  • Head(s) of State: Juliana of the Netherlands (not ISOTed)
  • Head(s) of Government: Pieter Johannes Platteel
  • Brief history: See here

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