Republika Hrvatska
Republika Hrvaška

Republic of Croatia
Timeline: A New Wind at the Balkans
Flag of Croatia Coat of arms of Croatia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Croatia (A New Wind at the Balkans)
Location in Purple
Capital Zagreb
Largest city Milano
Other cities Venecija, Ljubljana, Genova, Rijeka
Croatian, Slovene
  others Italian
Religion Taoism, Buddhism
Government Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
President Željka Antunović
Prime Minister Danira Bilić
Currency Euro

Croatia is a country in Europe.


The Kingdom of Croatia had been in existence since 925. It entered into a personal union with Hungary in 1102. With no threat of the Ottomans entering Europe, the Croatian-Hungarian Union managed to remain for longer than OTL. With Serbia a growing threat, the Croats and Hungarians decided to work together and remained close. The Kingdom had also fought various conflicts against the Italian nations and Austria. They both colonised parts of the New World together around the 1600s.

In 1880, the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia peacefully split into the Kingdom of Hungary and the Republic of Croatia. Both nations have remained close allies since.

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