The Croat-Hungarian Conflict was a war fought in 1950 and 1951 between the Free Protectorate of Croatia, a semi-autonomous state, and the newly independent Hungary. With Hungarian attention mostly on its wars in Slovakia, Transylvania and the Banat, it was fought as a guerrilla war in eastern Croatia between the Hungarian West Army and the Croatian Guard, and ended with the Hungarian renunciation of claims to the Free Protectorate, which was recognize by Austria and most of the other German-aligned powers. The war was notable for its human rights abuses and crimes against civilian populations and the radicalization of Croatian nationalists. Croatians regard this as part of the broader "Great Struggle" that marked the independence of their country and the formation of a Croatian national identity. It is also regarded as part of the greater Austrian Wars, and as such was an important proxy conflict between Germany and the British Union.

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