Kabyle people

Several Pictures of Cro-Magnon

Homo Sapiens, or Cro-Magnon first arose in Eastern Africa, and quickly began to compete with the Ndutu people already living there. They moved south, but were unable to compete with the Ndutu as well, so they moved north. They soon dominated North Africa, and their good communication skills let them create better societies, resulting in them being able to rival the Neanderthals in the Middle East. They eventually further into East Asia, competing with the Hobbits to the South and Neanderthals to the north. They followed the Neanderthals into the Americas, but have not populated them to the extent of the Neanderthals.

Although the third-strongest type of human and the second-smartest, Cro-Magnons have the best communication skills. This gives them an advantage in building societies.

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