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It is, finally, Venice who grants audience to the young explorer who is asking for ships to get to the Indies. Agostino Barbarigo's government is looking for any possible way to get a competitive advantage over Genoa and more power to pit against the Ottoman Empire. This is the reason why Barbarigo, despite the fact that every single scientific advisor in the city spoke against the idea, decides to fund an expedition, giving him five caravels and 2 galleons to sail west.

On their way west, Columbus' caravels sail out of the Mediterranean, and are able to leave the Straits of Gibraltar unscathed. Dragged by a stream along the coast of Morocco, they reach the Canary Islands. However, Isabella and Ferdinand had grown angry at Columbus after their refusal, as their perception had shifted to one of a madman stealing resources. Therefore, they refused his fleet access to the ports in the Isles, leaving them to restock in Africa or not at all.

Faced with a difficult choice, Columbus has to choose between risking his and his sailors' lives, or risking angering the Sultans of Morocco. What will Columbus do?

I'm sure the Moroccans will accept a few sailors...

Bah, humbug! We have enough supplies for a short trip to India.

Screw those Castillian Visigoths! I'm forcing my way into Canary Ports

more to come...

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