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Crimean War
Crimean War Picture
Date August 1848 – September 1852
Location Crimean Peninsula, Caucasus, Balkans, Black Sea, Baltic Sea
Result Franco-Ottoman victory, Treaty of Izmir
Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Supported by:
Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia Sardinia

Ottoman Client Republics

Civil Ensign of Serbia and Montenegro Bulgaria
Civil Flag of Serbia Serbia
Kingdom of Greece Flag Greece

Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Supported by:
Flag of France France
Flag of Italy French client republics

Flag of Russia 700,000 Russians

Flag of the United Kingdom 250,000 British
Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia 7,000 Sardinians

Civil Ensign of Serbia and Montenegro 3,000 Bulgarians
Civil Flag of Serbia 2,000 Serbians
Kingdom of Greece Flag 1,000 Greeks

Flag of the Ottoman Empire 380,000 Ottoman

Flag of France 450,000 French
Flag of Italy 50,000 Italians

The Crimean War (August 1848 – September 1852) was a conflict between the Russian Empire, the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sardinia, and an alliance of the French and the Ottoman Empire. The war was part of a long-running contest between the major European powers for influence over territories of the declining Ottoman Empire and to challenge the influence of European powers.

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