Republic of Crimea

Республика Крым (Russian) 
  Республіка Крим (Ukrainian)
Къырым Джумхуриети (Crimean Tatar)

—  Republic  —
Flag of Crimea SSR Red Sun
Emblem of Crimea
Coat of Arms

Нивы и горы твои волшебны, Родина (Russian)

Nivy i gory tvoi volshebny, Rodina  (transliteration) Your fields and mountains are magical, Motherland

Crimea in Russia
Location of the  Republic of Crimea  (red)

in Russia  (light yellow)

Outline Map of Crimea in Russia (vector)
Location of the  Republic of Crimea  (light yellow)

Political status
Country Russia


March 21, 2014
Capital Smiferopol 
 • Deputy Secretary Sergey Aksyonov
 • Legislature Supreme Soviet


 • Total 26,100 km2 (10,100 sq mi)
Population (2014 est.)
 • Total 2,284,400
Timezone(s) MSK (UTC+03:00)
Official languages Russian, Ukrainian, Crimean Tartar

Republic of Crimea (also known as Crimean ASSR or just Crimea) is the name of a political entity located in Europe. Crimea was annexed by Russia on March 4,  2014 and saw itself become a republic on March 20, 2014 with Sergey Aksyonov as its leader. Aksyonov holds little or no power

Russian History


On March 2, 2014, Russia sent troops to Crimea, which resulted in the decision by the Supreme Council governing the region to declare a referendum to determine its future. Crimeans Ultimately voted to Join Russia as thousands celebrated, while many tried to engage the Green Men in conflict. The Battle failed and the Crimean Government-In-Exile fled to Ukraine

New Life

Crimeans found themselves controlled predominately by the Russian SFSR, despite its autonomy. Civil Unrest and protests led to engagements between police and the people.

In September, The Belarus Accords formally recognized the annexation of Crimea and Ukraine was forced to relinquish their claim over the land. Many Tartars fled the country and moved to Poland and the Ukraine creating a large refugee crisis.

Crimea would receive aid from Russia and even began working on an actual bridge connecting Mainland Russia with the Island.

In December Crimeans officially hoisted the Russian Flag alongside their new "Hammer and Sickle" Flag for the first time. Crimeans celebrated with a Russian Military Parade and saw a massive display of pride for their new identity.


In March 2014 Crimean GDP was estimated at $4.3 billion or 0.2% of Russia based on current prices and 0.5% based on purchasing power parity. The Russian ruble became an official currency in Crimea on March 21, 2014. Until June 1, 2014, the Ukrainian hryvnia could also be used for cash payments only. At first it was planned that the Ukrainian hryvnia could be used until January 1, 2016.

Starting in the summer of 2014 Crimea's government nationalized all large Crimean companies and assets. In the case of the Zalyv Shipbuilding yard, Crimean “self-defense” forces stormed the company’s headquarters to demand nationalization. Deputy Secretary Sergey Aksyonov claimed that in at least one case “Employees established control of the enterprise on their own, we just helped them a little”.

By late October 2014 90% of the heads of Crimean government-owned corporation were arrested on charges of "Anti-Communist Activities" Human rights activists in the region have described the seizures as a violation of the right to free enterprise. In June 2015, Reports surfaced that the Committee for State Security of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic had begun killing high-ranking Crimean Officials to establish control over the country. The Committee's Head made a rare public appearance saying the officials were being investigated and accused of conspiring against the state.

In 2014 about two million tourists holidayed in Crimea, including 300,000 Ukrainians. In 2013 3.5 million Ukrainian and 1.5 million Russian tourists visited Crimea. Tourism is the mainstay of the Crimean economy.

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