Khanate of Crimea
Qırım Hanlığı
Timeline: Cabotia and Brasil
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Crimean

Crimea lies in eastern Europe limiting north with Russia and the Dual Commonwealth, west with Moldavia, south with the Black Sea, Turkey and Armenia, and east with Kazachstan.


Crimea is the last Khanate, successor of the Golden Horde. Allied to the Ottoman Empire from mid 15th century to mid 18th century, which allowed to survive several invasion attempts by Russia and the Dual Commonwealth, in 1864 Crimea allied with several European powers, including Aragon, and the Dual Commonwealth and Moravia against the Ottomans and managed to regain full control of the Crimean peninsula, as well as incorporating Georgia.


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