Crescents is a community TL created by CrimsonAssassin and Feudalplague. The timeline explores the implications of alternative neolithic revolutions. To prevent confusion, the TL will be developed in stages. Anyone is free to edit this timeline, though new articles must be proposals. To prevent implausibility, all proposals will be examined closely before graduation into canon. 


The Point of Divergence occurs at some point 16,000 years ago. The Ice Age continues as ice and cold weather dominates North America. Humanity struggles to survive the harsh climates of the world, moving from place to place as nomads. In 14,000 BCE, settlers along the Indus River discover the secrets to agriculture. As a result, permanent settlements begin to develop in the Indus Valley region rather than in the Fertile Crescent as in OTL. This leads to an explosion of civilization centered around the Indus River. At the same time, domestication of animals in the Americas is developed. Due to this, many Ice Age animals escape extinction, such as the North American Horse. Permanent civilizations develop in the Americas and progress at roughly the same pace as the Old World, if not a little bit behind.


The Rules of the Timeline are as follows:

We will be currently doing things by Era. so empires and tribes and civilizations will be rising and falling through the eras. However all of the pages made must follow proper conventions particularly with categories, and page names.

This is an extremely broad and far reaching timeline that should probably not even have anywhere near the same cultures and nations as our own timeline. While a few things may remain the same for a good period of time, due to this Timelines nature many new and different things can occur that did not in our own timeline. Particularly the rise of centralized large imperial societies in the Americas due to the existence of horses still on the continent.


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