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POD: Muslim takeovers of France and other European nations later on.

News Coverage

The News Channels covering these events include the ones in Outbreak and various British Broadcasting stations.


(No I am not copying Crimson's Outbreak, the BBC in Britain is the closest broadcaster to France I can find).

January 28, 2011

...recent riots in France have began to take place across the country as hundreds begin to yell in unity: Unité Sous Allah!! Authorities do very little to stop the young Muslims as they continue to surround Government Facilities and demand that mayors, governors and other ruling people retire immediately and hand over their jobs to more "suitable people to rule". Some suggestion that this sudden outbreak is an result of the numerous Muslim enclaves located in France; In 2002, a review numbered only 34 such communities, but in 2009, at least 300 or more where listed in France alone. Although there have been no estimation of the number in France today, some have forecast that there are 600 of these enclaves; please stay tuned for more coverage on this event....

January 29. 2011

at the moment, France has finally collapsed due to these riots and there is no evidence of what could or will happen now that this has finally occurred. Battles between civilians and armed personnel only make the matters worse, including the near destruction of the Eiffel Tower, the bombing of Camp de MArs by rogue aircraft which has destroyed the Ecole Militarie and damage to various important and historical buildings. Thousands are now fleeing to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England, and any nation that they have the ability to reach, but on other views, they have a slight chance of being caged in by the local police units. In other news......

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