Crepko Obradovic
Nikola Tesla
A Flattering Photo of Crepko Obradovic
Born December 12th, 1820
Split, Croatia
Title Minister of Finance
Political party Radical Union of the Federation

Crepko Obradovic is a Ministry of Finance in the interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.

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Born into wealth, Crepko instead became a champion of the common man. Young and fiery, he always followed his conscience. While a champion of the common man, his father`s connections were also instrumental in attaining his position. He called upon a powerful network of contacts both in the socially-progressive sections of the aristocracy and the lower classes, although he forfeited any official noble title. Crepko also fought for the rights of Croatians within the Federation and resented the discrimination his people face at first, becoming a major player during the period of the Dalmatian Question. However, with the broader attainment of political equality among the races he focused more upon the attainment of social equality, regardless of race. He eventually joined the Danubian movement, officially giving up his Croatian nationality and instead becoming a Danubian, in recognition of the unity he felt the Federation needed. Obradovic was also an important leader of the Radical Union of the Federation, gaining power after taking the position of Deputy Leader under Erich Vogel, and then the Leader after his resignation. He continued to lead the party through its first attainment of real power, although he refused to make a Presidential run, preferring to keep the Presidency and the Party separate, leaving that to his Deputy Soukup Valenta. It was during this time that the Radical Union gained its first chance of power, during the Soukup-Valenta Administration. Obradovic also took the position of Minister of Finance, creating a network of credit unions throughout the Federation and helping to dampen the economic depression caused by the Tunisian Incident.

Positions held

1848-Present - Councillor of Croatia

1860-1868 - Minister of Finance

1872-1880 - Minister of Finance

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