In February of 2015, a user named LightningLynx89 thought up a new idea for a TL. He wanted a surviving Ancient Egypt, in a Superpowers-style of Timeline. Most people thought his idea wouldn't work, and took this new idea as a simple cheap copy of Superpowers. However, another user named Upvoteanthology believed that this TL would be extremely interesting to create and write about, and agreed to be a co-creator with LightningLynx. They thought up names for hours, finally settling on a name. LL provided the word Grand, while Upvote provided the word Union. From there, the timeline grew, gaining reputation among the people in the wiki. And the rest is alt-history.

Creators and Their Jobs

  • LightningLynx89 - The person who came up with the idea for the TL; write most Egypt sections, along with doing many of the non-timeline portions of GU.
  • Upvoteanthology - Other owner; writes most things about Persia and Eneti, as well as making maps and other media portions. She also writes articles and spreads the news about GU to the rest of the alt-history community.


  • Bfoxius - He has helped out on flags in the past, as well as writing small bits about Macedonia and the Ascomanni.
  • JoshTheRoman - Wrote small paragraphs in the Rest of the World section, as well as giving advice on plausibility.


  • Superpowers TL - This TL details a surviving Rome, and it was the main inspiration of LightningLynx's original idea. He wanted a "Egypt-centric Superpowers TL".
  • Battle of Belusium TL - After showing Upvote the idea, she pointed him to this small timeline. Since then, it has been used as an example of which nations to use in the TL, as well as how large to make the countries themselves.

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