Crazy Diamond


Original LP Cover.

Studio album by Syd Barrett
Released 06 July 1981
Recorded November 1979 - March 1981
Genre Progressive rock, Pop rock
Length 46:18
Label Harvest(UK/Europe)
Columbia (US)
Producer Syd Barrett, Richard Wright
Syd Barrett chronology
Farming Revolution
Crazy Diamond
Approaching the Red Clouds
1. "Looking for Someone?" (Barrett)
Release: 14 August 1981
2. "Milky Way" (Barrett)
Release: 15 August 1981

Crazy Diamond is the sixth studio album of new material released by the british songwriter-singer Syd Barrett.

The album was written by Syd Barrett after his short rehabilitation since 1977. The musician resumed his career, touring the United Kingdom, more precisely, the cities of Cambridge and London.

The album name clearly refers to the music of Pink Floyd, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which is a great tribute to Barrett.

The album was a huge success, reaching the #1 position at the UK Album Charts, and the #11 Position at the Billboard 200. "Looking for Someone?" and "Milky Way" were released as singles.

Despite being launched in 1981, the album had a world tour between October 1982 and May 1983. It was the first Floyd to make a gig in South America. During 1973 to 1974, Syd Barrett recorded several musical sessions, to make a new album, but the idea was cancelled for a while, because Barrett entered in a short rehabilitation. Some of these songs were used in Ziggy Stardust versus Keith Adventurer and in Crazy Diamond.

The album production started in the late 1977 but was stopped by another album that Syd was recorded, his predecessor, Farming Revolution. The former Floyd (at the time), Richard Wright, worked on the album along with Barrett, being the backing vocal on some songs, and playing the keyboards. The former Soft Machine drummer, Robert Wyatt played some drums to the album, besides his difficulty, switching with Willie Wilson.

Songs like Rhamadan and Milky Way were re-recorded. During production of the album, David Gilmour and Nick Mason appeared in the studio that Syd was working. Roger Waters appeared some days later.

World Tour

During the tour, this was the setlist played in several shows.

First Set:

  1. Astronomy Domine
  2. Clowns and Jugglers
  3. Keith Adventurer and the Mystical Island
  4. Scarlet and Crimson
  5. Terrapin
  6. Wouldn't You Miss Me?
  7. See Emily Play
  8. Flaming

Second Set:

  1. Rhamadan
  2. Over the Ocean
  3. Looking for Someone?
  4. Deep Breath
  5. It Doesn't Matter What I'll Do
  6. Two of a Kind
  7. Pew-Pow-Paa
  8. Milky Way


  1. Holiday
  2. Silas Lang
  3. Summer '68/Remember a Day (played in the Japanese/South American legs)
  4. Interstellar Overdrive
  5. See Emily Play/Arnold Layne (played in the South American leg)

Track listing

Side A

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Rhamadan" Barrett Instrumental 20:16
2. "Over the Ocean" Barrett Barrett/Wright 3:37
Total Length: 23:53

Side B

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Looking for Someone?" Barrett Barrett 4:22
2. "Deep Breath" Barrett Barrett 3:19
3. "It Doesn't Matter What I'll Do" Barrett Barrett/Wright 3:58
4. "Two of a Kind" Wright/Barrett Barrett/Wright 2:28
5. "Pew-Pow-Paa" Barrett Barrett/Wright 5:10
6. "Milky Way" Barrett Barrett 3:08
Total Length: 22:25


  • Syd Barrett - lead guitar, vocals
  • Kevin Ayers - guitar and backing vocals in "Deep Breath" and "Pew-Pow-Paa"
  • Richard Wright - Hammond organ, backing vocals, synthesizer
  • John Gustafson - bass guitar, synthesizer
  • Robert Wyatt - drums, percussion
  • Willie Wilson - drums
  • Dick Parry - saxophone in "Looking for Someone?", "Pew-Pow-Paa" and "Milky Way"


  • Syd Barrett - producer
  • Richard Wright - producer

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