The Craig West franchise is a series of short stories, novels, plays, and movies. These are based on the missions of fictional CIA agent Craig West. The stories were written by Norman Mailer, and eventually formed the basis of a long-running movie series. There have been 23 movies, some based on Fleming's stories, others completely original. The stories are symbolic to the Cold War, as West was always pitted against German, and later Chinese foes.


List of Films

Dr. No (1962) - Craig West (Sean Connery) traces the kidnapping and later murdering of an American scientist to a small Cuban island led by a communist revolutionary planning to use American nuclear weapons to invade Cuba.

From Germany with Love (1963) - When a former German SS secretary tries to defect to the west, West is sent to retrieve her. Even though it might be a trap to capture West, they get on a Russian rebel train heading to friendly Finland. West discovers a plot much worse, and the entire Russian rebellion is at stake.

Goldfinger (1964) - West battles gold tycoon Yuri Goldfinger, who plans to sneak a German nuclear missile into Fort Knox, eradicating America's gold supply and increasing the value of his own supply.

Thunderball (1965) - West heads to islands off the coast of Jamaica to stop a rogue Lebanese general from hijacking nuclear missiles and launching them at targets along the North American coast.

You Only Live Twice (1967) - After several satellites have been taken down by sabotage, China warns that if it happens again it will be war. West is hot on the trail, but first fakes his death to confuse any terrorists. He discovers that former German cosmonaut Hans Storv is behind it all. He plans to cause a nuclear war to bring Germany on top.

The President's Secret Service (1969) - West (George Lazenby) falls in love with the daughter of a powerful New York mobster. When the mobster's gang breaks into a chemical plant, West pretends to be a chemical engineer and follows the trail to Berlin, where he discovers a plot by a German general to poison Russia and destroy the new nation.

Diamonds are Forever (1971) - West (Sean Connery, who would play this role for the last time), is sent to trace a diamond smuggling operation taking place in South Africa. Teaming up with diamond smuggler Tiffany Case, they discover a plot by terrorist Shaun Pawley, who plans to use the diamonds to create a powerful laser and blackmail the nations of the world.

Live and Let Die (1973) - West (Roger Moore) heads to Brazil to track down a drug dealer. When he learns that the drug dealer has teamed up with a Los Angeles and a Hong Kong mobster, he must stop the plot of taking control of the world's drug market.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) - West, while on a mission to track down a missing solar power device is told that he has been marked by the best assassin the world, Francisco Scaramanga. Scaramanga captures West and brings him to his island, but is betrayed by Frank Pearl, the head of an energy business who plans to use the solar device to monopolize the energy market.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - In a twist, West must team up with Russian spy and find two stolen nuclear submarines stolen by a man who plans to start a new civilization on the ocean floor.

Moonraker (1979) - With the first moon landing in motion, the Americans are going to be claimed victorious in the Space Race. West learns that German scientist Karl Landberg is planning to put missiles in his new Moonraker satellite, and will fire at the Apollo craft, Ft. Lauderdale, and other NASA bases. West must stop him before the plan begins.

For Your Eyes Only (1981) - As Germany collapses, West is sent to Poland to stop the theft of nuclear material by Bern Makajov, a former German colonel. When the theft is successful, West must stop Makajov from sending a nuclear missile at a meeting between the American and German presidents.

The Fuel of the World (1983) - West is sent to inspect an oil pipeline that is sending oil from Canada to the US during the Oil Crisis. While there, West follows a trail of clues and finds out that a mobster in Alaska is planning to sabotage the pipelines, forcing the world to buy his oil in Alaska, making him extremely rich.

A View to a Kill (1985) - West investigates Zorin Industries, founded by a former German nationalist, Max Zorin, and uncovers a plot by Zorin to destroy Silicon Valley, which would make him the leader producer of microchips and would eliminate all his competition.

The Living Daylights (1987) - While sent to protect a convoy bringing weapons to the Tibet rebels, West (Timothy Dalton) is pitted against Lee Wang, a Chinese man injured during the fighting in Tibet. Wang plans to buy chemical weapons from an arms dealer in Uzbekistan, and use it to mercilessly kill the Tibet rebels.

License to Kill (1989) - West resigns from the CIA after he is unauthorized to stop Columbian drug baron Julio Fernadez, who maimed West's best friend and killed his wife. He heads to Columbia, where he goes undercover as a man interested in buying drugs. West manages to destroy Fernandez's facility, and kills him during a high speed chase in the Columbian rain forest.

'GoldenEye' (1992) - After a group of techno-terrorists steals the codes to a powerful, huge new satellite, West (Pierce Brosnan) is tasked with stopping the group before they hack the satellite and causes it to crash into the G8 summit, killing many major world leaders and creating a global catastrophe.

Scorpio (1994) - West goes to South Africa to investigate Will Johnson, a white supremist who believes in recreating the Apartheid. More discoveries lead to West finding out the Johnson's group, Scorpio, is planning to sabotage a Civil Rights march and destroy white-black relations.

Abandoned But Not Forgotten (1996) - West is framed for assassinated the leader of the CIA, and is on the run. Staying with Canadian agents, West tries to stop Jack Carter, an agent who plans to take control of the CIA and spark a war between China and the USA.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1998) - West investigates media giant Tomorrow and its leader, Elliot Carver. When an American warship is captured and sent to an unknown location, West sets out to find it and learns that Carver plans to spark a war between the US and China so his news channel can get exclusive coverage covering the war.

Die Another Day (2002) - After escaping a Chinese prison, West must stop a sinister plot by a Chinese communist who plans to avenge the collapse of China by creating a powerful tsunami that will destroy Japan, Australia, and California.

Casino Royale (2006) - West (Tom Cruise) is sent on his first mission as a CIA agent: take down Le Chiffre, a powerful figure in the gambling business. Along the way, West discovers a plot by Mr. White, an associate of Le Chiffre who assassinates him to take control of the gambling business. West goes to report this, but is trailed by White's men. Vesper, West's new girlfriends, is killed, and West vows revenge.

Quantum of Solace (2008) - In Casino Royale's sequel, West takes revenge on Quantam, an organization responsible for Vesper's death. He is pursued by CIA agents, who believes he has gone rogue and out for revenge. After killing Mr. White, West heads to Patagonia to stop Quantum from sabotaging the World Cup in order for their bets to be true.

The Falcon Wing (2010) - West is tasked with hunting down former biological scientist George Fergerson, who plans to use a stolen biochemical weapon dubbed "The Falcon Wing" to poison to water supply of Israel, and allow Palestine to take control of the nation, creating a Greater Palestine.

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