The year is 4000 BC, the Dawn of civilization. Tribes start to settle down with the invention of agriculture since they don't need to hunt and gather to live. How will your civlilization live? will your culture make it to the end of time or will it die and be forgotten with the masses. The choice is yours.


  • Be plausible! (No explanation required).
  • Be Civil!
  • A turn per day = 200 years per turn
  • Map Updated Every Two Turns.
  • Be Nice
  • Don't cheating (no sockpuppeting)
  • Turns are 200 years until 1000 BC
  • Games will be archived every 5 turns
  • Every turn is 24 hours long. They begin at ~3 PM and end at ~3 PM Central Time
  • On the map the green is the only place civilized cultures can be created, the white is where tribes will be

We are currently working on the rules, but just add your culture and the location down below and i will add it to the map


Civilized Cultures

  • Assyria ( Iraq )

Tribal Cultures


Cradle of Civilization Map game1

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