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Grand Duchy of Courland
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: most of Latvia and Lithuania
Flag of Courland (state) Księstwo Kurlandii i Semigalii COA
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Jelgava
Largest city Riga
Other cities Kaunas, Klaipedia
  others Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Byelorussian, German, Yiddish, Finn
Demonym Curonian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Grand Duke Karl I
  Royal house: Biron
Prime Minister Kārlis Ulmanis
Area 129,789 km²
Population 3,356,346 
Established August 6th, 1938
Currency Curonian Ruble



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The Grand Duchy of Courland is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy ruled by a hereditary Grand Duke. The current Grand Duke is Karl I of the House of Biron. The Prime Minister is the leader of the Parliament, and is the leader of the majority party in the Parliament. The members of Parliament are directly elected by the people, and elect the party leader from their ranks. The main political parties are the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, and the Nationalist Party.


The Grand Duchy consists mostly of Lithuanians and Latvians. However, there have been considerable refugees from Russia, Byelorussia and Finland. Courland is now unfortunately one of the few places where Estonian is spoken, as quite a few died when their homeland turned to ice. The Curonians have also received a steady amount of German dissidents and Jews fleeing from persecution. Many of these German refugees had been given visas on order of Grand Duke Karl on account of his own German heritage.



The core of the military was formed from the militaries of Lithuania and Latvia, along with warts of the Russian and Finn military.

International Relations

Courland has good relations with their fellow Russian Forum nations. They have recently made a deal with the Russian Republic to use their port facilities in Riga, which is one of the few operating ports left in the Baltic. They are one of the few Russian Forum nations to have reasonable relations with Germany, as the Germans are usually pleased that the Grand Duke is Aryan.

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