This is a page for Alternative 2014 Countryballs comics and more!


  1. Everything must adhere to the Official Polandball Tutorial, courtesy of r/polandball, and the Academie Polandballdaise, also courtesy of r/polandball.
  2. Ontario, Newfoundland, Rupert's Land and Manitoba must wear a hat and monocule, just like Hong Kong (who is represented by the OTL British Hongkong flag) the Crown Colonies of the British Empire, and the United Kingdom.
  3. Canada must wear a racoon hat.
  4. Alaska must wear a Russian Ushanka hat.
  5. Alberta is a hypercube. Why you ask? JEWISH POPULATION!
  6. Nova Scotia is a brick. Hurray.
  7. Austria-Hungary has two heads (First head: Austria; Second one: Hungary).
  8. India speaks proper english (with some Hindi thrown in it), just like Pakistan (some Urdu thrown in it), Bangladesh (some Bengali thrown in it), South Africa (some Dutch and some German thrown in it), Hong Kong and Port Arthur (some Chinese and Catonese thrown in it), and Tibet (some Chinese and some Tibetic thrown in it)
  9. Brazil wears a robe and the crown from its flag.


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