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Country Kennedy starts when Harry Truman is still popular at the end of his term. However, he chooses not to run in 1952. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. secures the nomination and runs with Thomas Dewey (who was not Republican and did not run in 48. The Rep. in 48 was J. Strom Thurmond.) Kennedy wins the election by a wide margin. Later on, a long line of Kennedys ruled the federal government.


In 1952, Democrat Joseph Kennedy wins the election against Republic Dwight D. Eisenhower. He soon becomes the national favorite, and his ways in dealing with the Cold War are favored by most people. When he chooses not to run in 56, citing health issues, the Democrats nominate his sons John F. Kennedy for President and Robert F. Kennedy for Vice President. The brothers win the election, starting off the famous Kennedy Dynasty. Sadly, Kennedy the elder is shot in Dallas, Texas in 1964. His brother naturally succeeds him. Robert runs again in 64 with Hubert Humphrey. Kennedy wins again, naturally. He continues his brother's programs and highly advances the space program, getting NASA to land a man on the moon. Kennedy runs again in 1968, since he is elegible for one more term, as ruled by the Supreme Court. He runs with his brother, Ted Kennedy, continuing the Kennedy Dynasty. However, he dies of heart failure before election day.

Ted Kennedy is quite the expansionist. He first acquires Vancouver Island from Canada and creates the State of Vancouver. He also encourages the Upper Michigan Peninsula to get Congress to vote on its independence, which he strongly favors. The UMP gets statehood and becomes the State of Superior. Next, he moves for Puerto Rico to hold a pleisbicite on statehood. The Puerto Ricans vote and decide on statehood. The State of Puerto Rico becomes the 53rd state in the Union. He is reelected in 72, and becomes the first Kennedy to win two terms and serve both. He continues all his policies.

Ted obviously cannot rerun in 76, so he supports his nephew, Joe Kennedy. Joe Kennedy puts up a big fight against the other nominee, Nelson A. Rockefeller. Eventually, the Democratic Party splits. Everyone thinks the Republicans will win, until the Rep Convention produced no nominee. Joe Kennedy wins. The Americans term him King Kennedy V.

King Kennedy V continues the "Kennedy Way," the "Kennedy" way of doing things. The people remain happy with the Kennedys. Kennedy does not run in 80, citing his poor helath. He supports James Carter or his brother Rob Kennedy Jr. The Democrats choose Rob Kennedy for President and John Kennedy Jr. for Vice President. The two win with "Kan't Komplain of the Kennedy Kings!" They continue the Korrekt Kennedy Kourse and keep fighting the Cold War. The Americans change to Kaiser Kennedy VI as a nickname. The Kennedys have now been President for 6 Presidents and 26 years. Kaiser VI runs again in 84, saying "Keep Up With Kennedy!"

John Kennedy Jr. runs in 88, with the campaign slogan "The Korrekt Kennedy Kourse Kan Only Be Found With Kennedy!" Kennedy VII wins again! He mostly does things that Reagan did in his days. He also starts the Star Wars program and creates Kennedy 'Konomics. He runs for 92, which he wins also. He amends the Constitution so that the age requirement becomes 30 to be President. He supports his cousin Ed Kennedy Jr. for 94. Kzar Kennedy VIII wins the Democratic nomination and the election in 96 and is the last Kennedy to be president when the Democrats nominate Kennedy's Vice President Al Gore in 2000, who loses to George W. Bush.


33: Harry S. Truman

34: Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (Ole King Kennedy)

35: John F. Kennedy, Sr. Kool King Kennedy II

36: Robert F. Kennedy, Sr. Krazy King Kennedy III

37: Edward M. Kennedy, Sr. Kanadian King Kennedy IV

38: Joseph P. Kennedy II Kingy King Kennedy V

39: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kaiser Kennedy VI

40: John F. Kennedy Jr. Krowned Kennedy VII

41: Edward M. Kennedy Jr. Kzar Kennedy VIII

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