The sovereign members of the Council of the Oecumene

The Council of the Oecumene is a global organization of countries dedicated to fostering international cooperation and world peace. It was established on the 19th November 1908 following the end of the Second World War to try and prevent a future conflict of global scale, but its role was greatly expanded after infighting between its members triggered the Third World War instead. Today the Council is involved in several projects to promote economic and social development around the world, and has deployed troops to take part in peacekeeping missions in conflict areas such as Nubia, Capeland, Baktristan and Malaya.

The Council has five official languages - Greek, Occitan, British, Hindi and Chinese - though there have been proposals for other widely-spoken languages to be added. A number of the Council's subsidiary agencies use different working languages based on their needs. Its members today include 132 of the world's 136 recognised sovereign states, as well as observers from the Caliphate, the International Olympic Committee, Bhaskara Station, the Mediterranean Union, and several other organizations.

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