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The Republic of Coulee was an failed city-state located in central Washington, along the Spokane River, and was situated in an unclaimed area between Victoria, the United States, and Pasco Free State.


Not much is known about Coulee, but from what survivors of the Spokane Junta's attack on the city-state, said: "Coulee was an small peaceful community, in which accepted refugees, but failed to hold its ground and was destroyed."

Before Doomsday, Coulee was home of the Grand Coulee Dam, and provided power to much of western Washington. When Doomsday struck the state of Washington, much of the major population areas were destroyed by nuclear strikes. Seattle, Tacoma, and Fairchild Air Force Base were destroyed, and Olympia had consolidated to the Olympia-region.

From what survivors reported: Coulee's mayor had declared an state of emergency across the region, and formed the Republic of Coulee in early-1984. Many refugees had come from across the state, and the nation accepted them.

Former Coulee deputy James Harrison, who managed to escape to the Pasco Free State, stated: "The Spokane Junta ripped through the republic like an bull charging an red cape, slaughtering men, raping women and children, and burning buildings. When I made it to Pasco, I saw very few survivors from Coulee.

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