Civil War

On July 12th, 1860 the Cotton Party is founded in Richmond as a pro-slavery, and pro-states' rights, political party.

1860 Elections, in a stunning election the Cotton Party's Jefferson Davis is elected president of the United States of America. As a result, New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, and California secede from the USA and form the Confederate Commonwealth of America who elect Abraham Lincoln as president.

1862 Jefferson Davis, who had been having peace talks with the CCA, decides that they will not give in and invades the fledgling nation. The armies meet at the First Battle of Gettysburg, the US armies are routed after two days of battle, sporadic fighting occurs all over the CCA/USA border. Abraham Lincoln has a nightmare about a totalitarian dictatorship in America.

Communist Troops in DC

Abraham Lincoln's Nightmare

1863 Ulysses S. Grant becomes the supreme commander of the Confederate Army. He launches assaults all over the long frontier, eventually his Maryland Campaign captures US General Robert E. Lee by surprise in Annapolis where the much better supplied CCA Army routs the entire Army of Northern Virginia. This act makes Maryland join the CCA and gains the CCA recognition from Austria and Prussia who force Jefferson Davis to recognize the CCA as an independent nation. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis sign the Treaty of Baltimore which does these things:
800px-Battle of Gettysburg, by Currier and Ives

First Battle of Gettysburg

A) The Confederate Commonwealth of America would be recognized as an independent nation.

B) The Dakota, Washington, Nebraska, and Nevada territories would become CCA territories.

C) Slavery in the CCA would be officially abolished and slavery in the USA would be abolished January 1st, 1866.


January 2nd, 1864 - Jefferson Davis signs the Treaty of Baltimore.

January 29, 1864 - Lincoln selects the CCA's new flag.

CCA's flag

May 22nd, 1864 - Philadelphia is selected as the CCA's new capitol.

July 4, 1864 - The CCA, Austria, Italy, and Prussia sign the Quadruple-Ente Alliance.

October 12th, 1865 - Former US President Jefferson Davis is killed by an anti-slavery radical who is later identified as Robert Jackson III.

October 15, 1865 - President Michael McMann declares the third part of the Treaty of Baltimore "null and void" and is supported by the mostly Cotton Party Congress. War between the CCA and the USA is narrowly avoided by a quick move by Prussia. The capitol of the US is moved to Richmond and the capitol of Virginia is moved to Jamestown.

January 1st, 1866 - Slaves in the USA are mourning for the loss of their freedom once more.

January 5, 1866 - The CCA changes the title of President to Consul and creates a one-house Congress with three representatives from each state that are elected second Friday of every November.

January 10, 1866 - The CCA Congress passes the Freedman's Act which grants every slave who escapes to the CCA citizenship.

March 7, 1866 - The USA, the Ottoman Empire and Persia sign the العبودية التحالف.

March 10, 1866 - "The national government shall never infringe the right to own or purchase a slave." Becomes the 13th amendment to the constitution of the USA.

April 13, 1866 - The Alliance between the USA, Ottoman Empire and Persia changes its name to the Constantinople-Richmond Pact.

May 12th, 1866 - France joins the Quadruple-Ente, the name of the Quadruple-Ente is changed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

June 22nd, 1866 - A slave revolt in Jamestown kills 13,000 civilians and soldiers while only 2000 slaves are killed. Federal troops arrive to quell the revolt.

June 23, 1866 - The governor of Virginia is killed by rebelling slaves. The CCA secretly sends guns and ammunition to the slaves.

June 24, 1866 - Union troops burn Jamestown to the ground and kill every man of color they can find - this effectively ends the Jamestown Slave Revolt.

June 30, 1866 - The leader of the Jamestown Slave Revolt is captured and whipped to death.

November 1st, 1866 - The DC Treaty is signed making the District of Colombia a meeting place for the CCA and the USA governments.

Cold War

April 3, 1867 - November 8, 1899 - The CCA and the USA have a time of weary almost cold war-like state. During this time, the US fights a second Civil War with Florida after the state secedes because of anti-slavery feelings from the arriving refugees from the North and West Europe but this one is put down in 22 weeks.

The Confederate Commonwealth of South America is created incorporating all of South America and Central America except (with OTL borders) Brazil and Mexico.

British occupation of Egypt and French domination of North Africa is thwarted.

The Ottoman Empire and Persia modernizes.

The US turns Mexico into a protectorate.

Great Britain joins NATO along with the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and the new nation of Greece.

Russia and Serbia join the Constantinople-Richmond Pact (C-R Pact).

Just like in OTL, the Wright Brothers create airplanes but unlike OTL militaries do not see any significant thing they can do besides recon as the engines can barely carry the plane itself.

November 9, 1899 - US forces occupy DC. The CCA threatens war if they don't withdraw.

World War

November 10, 1899 - CCA Consul Ulysses S. Grant II declares war on the USA. The rest of the Constantinople-Richmond Pact declares war on NATO. US troops enter Maryland.

November 11-13, 1899 - NATO troops fight US troops at the battle of the Potomac. NATO troops suffer almost 40% casualties while the US troops suffer 50%-60% losses but NATO troops withdraw first. Austrian troops enter Serbia and march to 15 miles outside of Belgrade losing 140 men to unorganized militias. Russian troops invade Germany and reach Königsberg only to find the main German army lying in wait there. The Russian troops are overwhelmed by the massive number of partisan and professional soldiers.

November 14-17, 1899 - Austrian troops are backed by French, and German troops take Belgrade and kill the Serbian king sending the troops into disarray. German troops push the Russians back. Great Britain lands troops in Alexandria, Egypt and takes the city. US troops from Kentucky enter Ohio. CCA troops liberate DC.

The rest of November, 1899 - US troops and militia encircle the NATO troops but aren't able to hold the line. Ottoman troops beat the British back into the sea but are unable to stop nearly 70% from escaping to Athens. French troops land in Tripoli and take the region of Tunisia. All of Serbia is taken by Austria who then pushes into the area surrounding Constantinople. A draft begins in the CCA and all of the warring nations.

December, 1899 - Russian troops land in New Orleans, USA and support the thrust up the Mississippi to nearly St. Louis. US troops once again thrust into Maryland and make head killing and pillaging and raping all the way to Baltimore and they are constantly attacked by NATO troops but because of the recent surrounding, although they broke out, they have little food. Ottoman troops break out of Constantinople and push the Austrians into a full-fledged retreat.

January, 1900 - US troops surround Annapolis and force the city to surrender, they capture Baltimore and force the state's legislature to secede by killing off the old legislature and replacing it with their own. CCA troops push from St. Louis but fail to break the combined US-Russian force's line. Ottoman troops chase the Austrians and engage them at every time they can, eventually they reach the gates of Vienna but fail
British troops in trenches

British troops in India fighting off the Persian hordes

to enter the city.

February, 1900 - Austrian troops break out of Vienna. Spain joins NATO. Persian troops enter India but are beaten back rather quickly but the British orders of "to stay and defend" doesn't allow them to take this advantage. The CCA asks the other NATO countries whether a ceasefire should be called all but Greece says no.

March, 1900 - The US-Russian force surrounding St. Louis finally forces the CCA troops to surrender conditionally. The terms of the surrender for fair treatment is broken and they are all slaughtered. This rallies CCA troops and civilians to fight harder, Baltimore is retaken. Austrian troops push the Ottomans to Zagreb where they await German re-enforcements. When they arrive, they find a heavily dug in mass of troops but through tactical smarts and heavily patriotic troops manage to kill all but 29 of the Ottoman force.

The Fall of the Golden Crescent

April, 1900 - The Austrian-German force recaptures the Balkans and razes Kosovo, Skopje and Sofia. They then clash with Ottoman forces outside of Istanbul before capturing the city and grant non-military persons safe leave to Sarajevo. CCA troops fight US forces outside of Annapolis and recapture DC for 16 hours before being forced out. British troops in India are finally given the green light and march into Persia where they kill nearly 340,000 troops and losing only 1230.

May, 1900 - CCA troops with British assistance reclaim all of Maryland which on the 12th of the month officially rejoin the CCA. US troops fortify DC. Austrian-German troops repel 13 attempts to retake Istanbul, they then enter Asia Minor establishing a front 24 miles outside of Istanbul.

June, 1900 NATO (mostly CCA and Spanish) land in Galipoli and barely capture the city; Maxim guns begin to be mass produced in Germany, Austria and France; the modernized Gatling gun (commonly called the G-gun) is mass produced in the US and CCA although the two versions are radically different in the turning operator as the CCA's is moved by venting gasses from the bullet when they fire to move it while the US's is still manu
WWI turkish troops

NATO troops invading Ankara

ally powered, but they both are belt fed; G-guns are first used en masse in the Battle of Bull Run where the CCA's troops defend against the attacking US troops who are all either slaughtered or from an "accidental" miscommunication all killed after battle.

July, 1900 US propagandist fail to use Bull Run as a rallying cry dropping morale. NATO troops in Asia Minor meet in Ankara after two weeks of extremely bloody warfare, the city is captured but the insurgency in the city causes nearly two-thirds of the deaths in the battle. Thomas Edison creates electric motors for cars (which are still quite primitive) and makes them reliable, easy to make and rechargeable, he works alongside his friend Ford to create large assembly lines to make the process fast and cheap.

August, 1900 the Ottoman Empire's military stages a coup and surrenders to NATO. The Treaty of Vienna is signed which says these things.

1) The Ottoman Empire is to be dissolved and this is to be the new map of the Middle East and former Ottoman Empire
Middle East

new map of the Middle East

:[look at picture to the right](
note: the Caucasus was Ottoman).

2) Turkey's government is to be ruled by the same people as the Ottoman Empire was after the coup.

3) Turkey will join NATO and the rest of the former Ottoman Empire will join NATO all as nonvoting members until 1915.

4) NATO forces are given permission to pass through the formerly Ottoman areas unharmed.

August, 1900 (after Treaty of Vienna) Angered by the Ottoman's surrender crimes against the former Ottoman citizens spike in the US and Russia. The Constantinople-Richmond Pact is renamed the Richmond-Moscow Pact.

September, 1900 CCA 'ironclads' (really battle ships) destroy the Port of Miami and the battle that ensues is a decisive CCA victory, Austrian-German troops go through the Caucasus into the southern border of Russia and race up to the City of Kiev. Spanish land in the Crimea and win only
Japanese Battleship Superpowers

CCA Battleships at the Battle of Miami

after nearly 60% casualties but morale is still strong and the event gains the Spanish military "Дьявол Собаки" or "Devil Dogs" titles French and CCA troops arrive the next day.

Operation: November Rush

November, 1900 US troops launch the November Rush and launch simultaneous attacks in Maryland, the North West and the Western border in one week they capture Chicago, Annapolis and Los Angeles areas. The CCA forces fall back from the surprise attacks but the US forces are relentless with Russian re-enforcements arriving they capture Las Vegas, Sacramento, Baltimore, Gettysburg and they continue. By the end of the month they're approaching Philadelphia. Edison extends the life of the Edison Electric Motors to three hours (nearly a 300% increase).
WWI trooper

United States soldier advancing on Annapolis

December, 1900 the Russian front becomes a very bloody stalemate after Russian troops hastily yet adequate trenches with serfs doing nearly one half of the work; US troops surround Philadelphia and make camp for winter.

Winter 1900-1901 the winter sees little action as both sides are very cold and don't want to fight. Eventually Spring arrives and much too soon for some people's taste.

March, 1901 CCA officials were thankfully evacuated hours before the US breached the city's defences. They fled through the sewer system and arrived eight days later in Providence, Rhode Island - the de facto capital. US forces burn the city although carefully making sure Independence Hall does not burn. The city's residents either join the resistance or flee.

April, 1901 CCA Consul Grant II pleas to other NATO countries for help but they are already pushing their limits. Russian troops launch a front wide offence and break the stalemate; the CCA vies to the other NATO nations for a peace treaty and all but Luxembourg agree to that peace is necessary. the Treaty of Washington DC is signed on the last day of the month which says these things.
Versailles Crowd

the crowd of people during the signing of the Treaty of Washington DC

1) The CCA would be reduced to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, New England, California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas (note: all state borders are same as in OTL and Virginia still owns West Virginia).

2) Washington DC shall become a DMZ and a meeting place between either just the USA and the CCA or the NATO and R-M Pact.

3) Virginia, Kansas, Maryland, 22 miles inside the Russian-Euro border, and the Caucasus would become DMZs in all aspects except that they can have only 1500 military personnel inside for essential task unless the nation that the DMZ is in is at war.

Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

the signing of the Treaty of Washington DC

4) the Treaty of Vienna would be respected.

5) India (OTL India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh) is to be granted independence from Great Britain.

Uneasy Peace and Change

May, 1901 the Treaty of Washington DC is signed and within 48 hours all nations withdraw troops from the DMZs; 12 Turkish officials kill themselves after realizing the Ottoman Empire could have lived if they had waited, but many point out that in all actuality the Ottoman Empire would not have lasted that long and they stopped while they were ahead; the Confederate Commonwealth of America reorganizes itself as the Commonwealths of America the constitutional convention that follows creates these Articles of the Commonwealth.

We the PEOPLE of the Commonwealths of America to provide common security, defend liberties and protect the well-being of our citizens whom we serve out of respect hereby establish these Articles of the Commonwealth.

I) No religion shall be prohibited or exalted by any part of the government.

II) Slavery shall be prohibited in the Commonwealths of America.

III) The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be prohibited.

IV) The right to an attorney (and if one can not afford one one will be provided by the Commonwealth), the right to a speedy trial, the right to a fair trial, the right to not testify against self, the right to not testify against spouse, the right to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement, the right to not have cruel or unusual punishment sentenced upon you, and all stated above shall not be prohibited.

V)The right to peacefully gather shall not be prohibited.

VI) The right to the freedom of speech shall not be prohibited.

VII) The Freedom of the Press shall not be prohibited.

VIII) The right to not be unlawfully searched or unlawfully questioned shall not be prohibited.

IX) The right of the people to freely travel throughout the Nation shall not be prohibited except for National Security.

X) All the articles above and this article is not to be repealed or modified in any way, shape or form.

XI) Congress shall be made up of two Representatives from each Commonwealth who are elected every second Friday in November; the Congress shall have the power to enact laws in accordance to the constitution, create and levy taxes, mint currency, repeal laws, impeach the President of the Congress with a 22/25% vote.

XII) The President of the Congress will be elected every 730 days except when the term runs alongside with a leap year (every year evenly divisible by four) in which case it is 731 days with the term starting on and ending on the second Tuesday in November; the President of the Congress shall put forth what issues will come before Congress, pardon a criminal, declare war, and sign bills that have passed congress into law or veto said bill which can be over-ruled by a 65% majority; the President of the Congress shall serve as the Head of State; the President of the Congress shall choose nine people to serve on a supreme court which shall preside for life but they must also be approved by Congress.

XIII) The Federal Government shall be able to draft all males between 18 and 45 for service in the National Army but they can only be drafted for four years and must wait one year in between drafts; the Federal Government can draft all males between 13-60 in case of invasion and suspend all drafting time limits for the duration of the invasion; one can enlist voluntarily and become a full-time soldier for the National Army.

XIV) A new Constitutional Convention can be called to recreate the Articles of the Commonwealth with nine-tenths of the Commonwealths calling for one; new Articles can be added or repealed by eight-tenths of the Commonwealths voting on the act.

XV) The Commonwealths can enact laws in accordance to the Constitution; No price control laws shall be enacted in any part of government except for weapons going to the military, but the price can only be less then or equal to a 22% change of the price; income shall not be taxed except when at war for over four years but must stop the tax once the war is over.

June, 1901 the Articles of the Commonwealth are signed June 22nd, 1901 the first CA President of the Congress is surprisingly is Hercule Poirot, a former Belgian Detective, and Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey; the CA Congress establishes the Department of Defence with Joint Chiefs from the CA Army, CA Navy, CA Coast Guard; the CA Congress establishes the Department of the Treasury, Department of Agriculture, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Office of Strategic Services; the CA Congress also passes the Freedman's Act; the Israeli President and the Egyptian President meet in Cairo and Egypt ends up buying 1200 of the latest "desert proof" rifles which is some of Israel's best weapons; the Russian Tsar drafts a constitution and submits it to his best advisors for review.

July, 1901 the Reconstruction of War Damaged Areas Act of 1901 is passed in the CA Congress and $15,000,000 is sent to damaged states to aid war recovery the de facto capital of Providence's population begins to increase from refugees; The French Foreign Legion stops a coup attempt from several ministers including the Minister of Defence and the minister of finances, they are tried for treason and executed by firing squad; US exports double to the Middle East and Asia Minor to help in reconstruction but secretly they also send ammunition and the latest rifles; President Poirot issues an order for a Great War Memorial and gives $10,000, half of it is his own money.

August, 1901 Pro-Slavery terrorist in Kansas kill 32 but is put down by local citizens; Small Pox vaccines are created in New York for the first time and exported to other NATO countries; Jordanian artillery fire on Israel after their President called the Jordanian King a quote "Idiotic Moron" for allowing guns from the military armories go unguarded which allowed Muslims extremist to raid the entire facility. The Israel Event is put down within hours because of good diplomacy and the extremely accurate Israeli Artillery Corps; the CA Congress is given the power to end fraud and break up monopolies in the Economic Regulation Act of 1901.

September, 1901 Many US slaves escape to Kansas and because of the Freedman's Act are now protected from slave catchers, in response the US government put a concrete wall about 20 feet outside of the Kansas-US border, The CA government calls for the wall to be taken away but the US government scoffs at them and the US President Woodrow Wilson says "I'm not taking down this wall, you dang Yanks can give us.", in response President Poirot says his now famous line "There they go again."; the Israeli Army mobilizes hours after Jordan's army does; the French foreign minister to Israel urges both to stand down, neither does.
Berlin wall

US troopers erecting the Kansas Wall

October, 1901 President Wilson is almost killed after falling off his horse and hitting his head on a rock, he make a full recovery with no brain damage in two weeks, to help the President of the US recover the First Lady of the CA sends a bouquet of roses to Wilson; Jordanian artillery is carted to the Jordan River banks, in response Israel does the same as well; the UK ambassador and the CA ambassador call for the armies to stand down and de-mobilize.

November, 1901 President Poirot asks Congress to tax the sale of tobacco, the Tobacco Tax Act of 1901 is passed with a 52% majority, the TTA of 1901 sets a 2% tax on the sale of tobacco; Poirot sends the navy to secretly destroy US trading with Jordan but neither admit any thing is happening, the event is later published in the book Poirot's Secret War; the Jordanian King orders the draft to be started and all males between 18-40 is mobilized.

December, 1901 Problems with filing the taxes leads the CA Congress to create the Internal Revenue Service or IRS to help with the process, to make sure taxes are paid, and economic regulations are carried through correctly; the CA navy continues to devastate US shipping, rumor spreads that pirates funded by the CA are destroying US shipping but nothing is confirmed (or denied); the NATO nations (minus Jordan and Israel) meet in Amsterdam to discuss the tensions between Jordan and Israel.

January, 1902 The IRS's first case of major case of fraud ends with 38 people be tried and convicted for fraudulent loans; CA Congressman Von Bismark from Maine suggests that the IRS be given clearance to seize property if taxes are not paid (with 22 day notice), but the act fails to pass; NATO declares gives the declaration that "an attack against one of the members of NATO shall be considered an attack against all of the members, unless war is declared between two NATO members in which NATO shall remain neutral until a third party helps in the attack or defence in which case it will be considered an attack against all"; Israel receives almost 13,000,000 bullets and artillery shells from the CA; the US tries to send nearly 52,000,000 bullets and artillery rounds to Jordan but it 'disappears'.

United Socialist States of America

February, 1902 US President Wilson is wounded by a sniper and loses his left arm as a result, hours afterwards Congressman Alan Jackson from South Carolina is killed, the next day the Supreme Court is arsoned, Wilson uses the crisis to call for emergency powers to secure the nation, he is granted them; he then systematically plans and executes the assassination of 23 more Senators and Representatives; just as proficiently he does show trials that amplify the failure of the Court System; outrage sweeps across the nation; again playing the people like a fiddle he declares the constitution outdated and gives the people a new plan the Wilson Plan as he calls it which says:

In these times of troubles the Government must step forth and help the people. They must protect its citizens to the end. Thus we establish the Wilson Plan for the United Socialist States of America.

I) The government will own all property - public, private or otherwise.

II) The Premier will have complete control over the nation and will appoint state governors.

III) The Premier will select 21 Commissars to advise the Premier, the oldest Commissar will become Premier upon the former Premier's death.

IV) Governors will function as a Supreme Court of their State and enact laws in conjunction with the Premier's laws and the United Socialist States of America's Constitution, and appoint judges in their state.

V) People have the freedom of religion, the right to peacefully assemble, the right to a lawyer (and if one can't afford one, one will be provided by the state); the people will elect 11 men to a State Council from popular vote who will advise the governors.

(Later) February, 1902 the Wilson Plan is accepted and Woodrow Wilson accepts his nomination as Premier and appoints the State Governors and Commissars; President Poirot and the rest of Congress puts in place the Trade Embargo Act of 1902 and bans all trade with the USSA; Russia even seems disgusted with this with this event and officially chastizes them; a Russian man by the name of Lenin begins to get ideas from the Bloodless American Coup of 1902 as it is now being called; Jordan and Israel finally back down after Jordan realises it would be totally overwhelmed by the superior amount of rounds and the superior training of Israeli troops.

March, 1902 Premier Wilson adopts the current flag for the USSA; Great Britain changes the Union Jack to include Wales after Welsh and Irish Officials joined together to campaign for the change
800px-Flag UK Wales svg

the new Union Jack

, but the military was allowed to keep the Welsh addition on their battle flags.
Flag of the Soviet Union

USSA's flag

April, 1902 Russian serfs rebel in Kiev but the rebellion is short lived after imperial shock troopers slay the rebels; the Western Counties of Virginia (OTL West Virginia) after four petitions to Wilson to give the right to bear arms secede from the USSA, Union troops enter the area but are unprepared for the guerrilla warfare encountered there; anti-British sentiment in Wales falls after the new addition to the flag.
Communist Troops in DC

USSA troops in Richmond fulfilling Lincoln's Nightmare Prophesy

May, 1902 the CA secretly sends weapons, food and money to the rebelling counties; Union troops lose 32,000 out of the 90,000 troops die to the guerrillas; France sends weapons to the West Virginian rebels in secret; Lenin is arrested in Moscow after conspiring to overthrow the government, he is found guilty of only planning protests without a license and sentenced to three weeks in jail.

June, 1902 56,000 is the new death toll for the Union troops, the morale lowers to the point where a single death makes an entire brigade turn and run; Wilson pumps 200,000 soldiers from Tennessee and Kentucky into West Virginia; the Israeli-Jordanian position flairs again during Jordanian military exercises as the Israelis mistake it for a build up of troops but the situation is quickly resolved in five days.

July, 1902 the death toll is now 123,000 troops dead, public opinion of the war falls to 61% but those who speak out are given the option of shutting up or being sent to Georgia as a 'voluntary' worker, most shut up; Georgian salt mines for reasons unsaid suddenly flair to life; Russian serfs rebel in Moscow but the up-rising is put down by Imperial Shock troopers

USSA soldier after the capture of Charleston, West Virginia


August, 1902 Wilson and Poirot meet in DC and Poirot agrees to give $1,000,000 and to make the area a 1500 troop cap DMZ zone for the annexation of West Virginia and to send the rebel leaders positions; West Virginia is annexed by the CA and the rebel leaders are caught hours before the territory became a CA territory; Egypt scorns the CA for letting the rebel leaders be caught.

September-December, 1902 West Virginia is rebuilt by the working class and the now emancipated black men; Wilson consolidates his power by showing that in the end he had won by making the area a DMZ he reduced CA troops on the border and he got rid of the dumbest section of Virginia, the people somehow sees his since and comes to believe him and Wilson's approval ratings reach 85.25% (and yes, the statistic is real - not a Castro statistic); France colonizes Indochina

French Colonies in Indochina

and establishes the colonies of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma.

Zweite Kalte Krieg

January, 1903 the 21 Commissars of the USSA or the Big 21 along with many state councils begin to identify themselves with one of two parties either the Socialist Party or the New Cotton Party, both basically want the same thing except the NCP wants to focus gov't attention on agriculture, while the SP wishes to focus on weapons; French ambitions in South East Asia are halted by India issuing the Indochina Doctrine which basically states that colonization in South East Asia after January 1st, 1903 would be taken as a declaration of war against India;France chastises India for issuing the declaration.

February, 1903 the SP advises Wilson to look into new weapons such as armored cars (a few were used in the West Virginia rebellion), while the NCP advises Wilson to focus on defining a slave from a citizen; 13,50 USSA citizens and 1200 slaves escape into the CA, the Congress extends the Freedman's Act into including refugees from nations the Congress has chosen, within hours of the extension of the Freedman's Act the Congress chooses the USSA and Mexico; Wilson changes his title to Chairman; Birmingham, England becomes the second largest producer of vaccines after New York.

March, 1903 the CA creates the first reliable armored car, the car has enough armor to stop a G-gun or machine gun bullet; Wilson is outraged that the CA created a better armored car then him sides with the SP and puts $2,000,000 to speed up the progress; Israel orders 1000 of the CA's armored cars; Chinese peasants rise up in Shanghai but are destroyed by the disciplined Chinese Home Guard.

April-August, 1903 the CA gives Israel designs to its armored car program, they modify it to a desert type and convert the G-gun mounts to machine gun mounts; Wilson's armored car program works finally and creates a car at least to par with the CA; the Russian Tsar is almost overthrown in a coup attempt lead by Lenin but stops the revolution in three days, to make sure that the socialist won't rise again he meets with Lenin and signs the Petrograd Accords which makes the Tsar much like the USSA Chairman except his seat is hereditary and otherwise adopts the Wilson Plans, but the modifications make the name the Nikolas Plan much more common.

September-November, 1903 Poirot is reelected to the President of the Congress with over 92% of he vote even higher then when he was first elected; Wilson makes the Presidency Races in the CA as little more then the "blind electing the blind to see for them"; the CA begins creating 10-inch fixed guns ten miles inside the USSA-CA border in Maryland with plans to extend them along the entire border, the New York Times editor calls it the Poirot Line and the name sticks; Great Britain begins to send weapons to Socialist rebels who still are fighting Russia.
Poirot Line

the Maryland section of the Poirot Line

December, 1904 Poirot and Wilson have Christmas dinner in the former White House; French mercenaries in Russia nearly kill the Tsar but miss by one inch, the Tsar puts out a shoot on sight order for all rebels.

January-March, 1904 West Virginia applies for Commonwealthship, the Congress gives the entire area commonwealthship, the Commonwealth of West Virginia is established; Chairman Wilson defines a slave as an African-American who is at least 75% African; the USSA begins to mass produce machine guns days after the CA announced it will; France begins research into rocketry with the help of CA scientists; the French Mercenaries are killed in a massive artillery bombardment on a rebel camp.

April-August, 1904 President Poirot asks Congress to adopt the Battle Hymn of the Republic as the national anthem, the song was written during the Civil War by a Northern Officer, the song is accepted by a unanimous vote.

September-November, 1904 New York's firs
National Bolshevik Party

the flag of the Socialist Tsardom of Russia

t case of smuggling is prosecuted by the IRS and won the smugglers are sent to prison for 12 years; Thomas Edison creates a electric engine with a nine-hour charge after learning how to store the charge more effectively.

December-February, 1904-1905 CA President Poirot and USSA's Wilson eat Christmas dinner in the White House and play golf the next day, citizens from both sides of the CA-USSA border meet to play Christmas games and have fun; Tsar Nikolas changes the name of Russia to the Socialist Tsardom of Russia and adopts a new flag; English troops put down a staged revolt in Hong Kong, and after finding the organizers of the revolt execute them by firing squad.

March-May, 1905 Chinese merchant Chang Zhou is killed in his New York apartment the body is examined and the report is given to Chinese authorities,the killer is never found; the Maryland and West Virginia section of the Poirot Line is completed; Chairman Wilson complains of the Poirot Line's threat to the USSA as the 10-inch artillery can hit USSA territory, the Poirot denies this because the 10-inch artillery, though massive, can not fire over ten miles and he added that "they might be able to... if I could change the laws of physics"; the CA Congress defines the way it makes Commonwealths in the Articles on the Creation of Commonwealths.

The Congress s
German Solider

German soldier ordering rioters to disperse

hall approve the creation and boundaries of a Commonwealth from the suggestions made by Congress, the territorial governors, and the President of the Congress.

June-August, 1905 President Poirot signs the Border Protection Bill and permits the Poirot Line to extend to the entire USSA-CA border including the beginning of construction of the line in the West Coast States; German soldiers are fired upon by Communist extremist protesting in Berlin, the protesters are given a baptism in fire by German flame-thrower regiments.

September-January, 1905-1906 Poirot is re-elected after initially wanting to step down but is persuaded to do so by the Joint Chief of the Army Theodore Roosevelt, he is re-elected by 92%, Wilson and Poirot meet once again for Christmas dinner and a tradition begins of the President of the CA and the Chairman of the USSA meeting for Christmas Dinner; the English King is shot by a leftist extremist but is relatively uninjured; the first commercial planes are created by Thomas Edison using his new batteries that last almost 6hrs, but could be recharged mid flight due to his new Edison Solar Collectors which extend the life of the battery to almost indefinite in sunny conditions (but recharging mid flight isn't recommended as thrust is lowered by 50%)

Edison's personal solar powered airplane

; many military air stations install solar collectors to recharge their planes on the ground with-out needing to constantly use generators.

February-May 1906 the Easter Sunday bombings in Russia occur against a local Methodist Church; the Poirot Line is completed and 10-inch artillery is on the entire border of the USSA-CA border, although in some areas the artillery is five miles apart, while in others it is more heavily built into concrete foundations and only 100-200 yards away from each other; the CA Congress officially defines the requirements to run for public office in the Articles of the Candidacy.

I) The President of the Congress must be at least 22 years of age and a natural born citizen if born after the year of our Lord 1901.

II) Congressmen, Governors and Mayors must all be CA citizens and above 21 years of age.

III) Special candidacy rules for Governors and Mayors may be applied by the Commonwealth they are competing in to become political office holders.

IV) a CA natural born citizen is a person who was either born in CA territory and to at least one parent who is a CA citizen, a CA citizen is one who came from another country or was born in CA territory to no CA citizen, or natural born citizen, and became a citizen in the CA later in their life.

June-July 3, 1906 President Poirot along with Congress present Thomas Edison and Henry Ford with the Congressional High Medal of Science (the highest award one can get for science); the cash-strapped UK and the CA begin talks about the ownership of Canada.

the July Fourth Proclamation

July 4, 1906 the Commonwealths of America and the United Kingdom sign the July Fourth Proclamation, the United Kingdom gives Canada to the Commonwealths of America and the CA agreed to
Flag of NATO

the new CA flag

not pursue territorial investments in Europe.

(rest of) July, 1906 the CA begins extending the Poirot Line to cover the now extended CA-USSA border; Poirot adopts a new flag; the President of France commissions the first submarine with modern torpedoes.

the French Submarine Napoleon Bonaparte

August-November, 1906 the Canadian Territory applies for Commonwealthship, at the meetings the Canadian Territorial Governor proposes that the entire Canadian Territory is turned into "one Canada" but is subdivided into Districts which is then sub-divided into Counties, the CA Congress somewhat accepts his proposal, except that all Canadian territory of the Island of Newfoundland and everything below the St.Lawrence is turned into Nova Scotia, all the land west of the Hudson Bay and above the 180 latitude is turned into the Yukon, and all land east of the Hudson Bay or below the 180 latitude is turned into Canada; Canadians and Nova Scotians Yukonians celebrate their Commonwealthship; Russian Tsar Nikolas buys 13,000 rifles from the USSA.

December-January, 1906-1907 Wilson and Poirot have Christmas dinner in the White House; the English King and the French President have Christmas Dinner in Versailles.

February, 1907 Poirot and the Mexican President Hernandez meets in Providence, Rhode Island and agree on the Baja California Purchase; the CA buys the Baja California and Baja California Sur for $18,000,000 and a promise from the Mexican President that there would be a punishment of 50 years in prison for someone being caught in the act of illegal immigration from Mexico to another country; the CA Congress grants Baja California and Baja California Sur to California.

March, 1907 Wilson speaks out against CA territorial gains; Poirot says that all of the territorial gains were completely legal and helpful to the CA economy; the First Bank of London is robbed by Julius Parker.

April, 1907 Riots occur in Baja California against California's high taxes, as a result the CA Congress begins reviewing Californian Taxes; Greek Dollars begin to plummet in value causing many food shortages but order is loosely kept, and in two weeks the value rises again.

May, 1907 Riots continue in the Baja California, to quell the rioting Congress sends the Baja California a referendum to either continue being a part of California, become the Baja California Territory, or become the Commonwealth of Baja California; the referendum shows by a 84% majority that the Baja Californians wish to become a commonwealth; the Commonwealth of Baja California is proclaimed; the Russian Tsar encourages the Baja Californian rebels to continue revolting.

Some angel

the Great War Memorial

June, 1907 the reconstruction of Philadelphia is completed and topped off with the unveiling of the Great War Memorial which is made of 99.999% gold costing well over the $10,000 allotted to it but Poirot paid out of pocket for the difference; the French, UK, Austrian, German, and Greek Kings (or Kaiser/Grand Duke/President) arrive in Philadelphia to
Hercule Poirot

President Hercule Poirot about to give his farewell speech

watch the unveiling of the Great War Memorial.

July-November, 1907 Poirot step down and does not run for a fourth term, he retires from political work and returns to Europe to re-establish his reputation as a master detective, he also utters his now famous Poirot's Farewell Speech :"Today I step down from the Office of the President of the Congress of the Commonwealths of America. Through the past six years I hope I have set a firm foundation for this new nation of freedom. I question now some of the things I have done, but I regret none of them. I truly wish with all my heart, soul, and mind that this nation will prosper and be a beacon of liberty throughout all of God's creation. Now I wish upon the nation this verse from Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13 And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.' May God bless us all";after failing to convince Poirot to run again, Theodore Roosevelt, is elected by 79.59% beating Howard Taft in the first real Presidential race (as no one even ran against Poirot with any real intention to win, and just a formality); the French President applauds Poirot's ability to step down from power even though he could have easily won again.'

Explicit Poirot Senectus et Principium Alterius

December-February, 1908 Theodore Roosevelt and Wilson have Christmas Dinner in the White House; the R-M Pact issues the Kiev Proclamation that they will support any Communist or socialist uprising and any Communist or socialist nations; the Greek Prime Minister is killed by revolting socialist in Athens; President T. Roosevelt issues 13 bills to the Congress, two of the bills pass and one new right to the Bill of Rights is accepted. In the same fell swoop he separates the Articles of the Commonwealth into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (I-IX):

1) Restriction to a four-hour work day for minors and mandatory Sundays off, minors are also banned from working in mines.

2) The Age of Adulthood is defined as 16 years of age.

Bill of Rights Amendment X) Any employed person has the right to choose whether or not to Unionize with others
Italian Troops

Socialist revolutionaries in Venice after capturing the city

of the same work type.

March-July, 1908 the New York times calls President T. Roosevelt the "Great Reformer"; France, the UK, Luxembourg, and Spain implement child labor laws; the Italian King is killed by an assassin, unknowingly hired by the USSA; the panic caused by the Italian King's death is used by Communist supporters in Northern Italy and Sardinia, this marks the beginning of the Italian Civil War; Italian troops enter Venice, "Blood, sweat, tears, and bullets" said Italian Officer Benito Mussolini "Is what they outclassed us in and all we could do is try to over-come the odds but we couldn't, even after weeks of street to street fighting we where left with nothing to show for it", Italian troops are forced out of Northern Italy and almost officially lose the area after the Battle of Milan cuts off the last supply root to the last pocket of Italian capitalist resistance in Bergamo.

August 1908 NATO troops comprised 2/6 of CA troops, 1/6 Spanish, 0.5/6 French, 1.5/6 British, and 1/6 Luxembourgi arrive in Rome and under the command of CA 4-star General William McKinley plan to advance along the Italian-Franco border the NATO troops attacked Communist controlled Genoa, they fight street to street for nearly three days but finally force them out of the city, they continue along the coast; R-M Pact sends 20,000 troops to North Italy.

September, 1908 NATO and R-M Pact troops meet in Saluzzo, the resulting battle leaves NATO troops decimated with nearly all of the Spanish and French troops were killed, the R-M Pact replaced all of their losses and actually gained 5,000 soldiers from the surrounding countryside; the Communist troops cut off NATO who are still mainly in Genoa, the R-M Pact then invades Sicily from its new beach fronts and establishes a beachhead.

November, 1908 the USSA and Russia recognize the Communist State of North Italy as an independent nation and threatens war if they do not with-draw

Final battle lines before the signing of the Sarajevo Accords (commies blue) (monarchist red)

; NATO and the R-M Pact meet in Sarajevo and sign the Sarajevo Accords, all of Italy is united under a Communist banner except for the City of Rome which is put under the Vatican's control.

December, 1908 President T. Roosevelt and Chairman Wilson meet in the White House for Christmas dinner under heavy tensions; the New York Stock Exchange rises 15 points; Italy joins the R-M Pact.

Indian poor

the wife and daughter of an Indian miner's living conditions

January, 1909 the R-M Pact changes its name to the United Communist Nations; Indian miners rise up against understandably hard working conditions and start the Great Indian Miner's Strike; Pre

the United Communist Nations flag

sident T. Roosevelt speaks out against the new Communist Italy

the NATO flag

and praises the Vati
Flag of the Russian SFSR

Mongolian flag

can for its strength in these troubled times February, 1909 the UCN sends aid to the Indian miners; the UCN adopts a flag for their organization; in response to the NATO defeat in Italy and the UCN adopting a flag to solidify how they identify themselves NATO adopts a flag and creates the NATO Task Force, which is made up of paid volunteers
Capitalist Pirate

the flag of the NATO Task Force

March, 1909 the UCN invades Mongolia; UCN troops under heavy fighting successfully captures Ulaanbatar and the surrender of Mongolia within 14 days, but the NATO Task Force had sent grenadiers (elite troops) and successfully evacuated the Mongolian President and Cabinet and family; the Communist State of Mongolia is proclaimed and it joins the UCN.

April, 1909 China joins NATO after the Task Force successfully stopped a republican rebellion in Beijing; UCN sends an official letter of reprimand to NATO for ending the Chinese Republican Rebellion of 1909 in favor of the monarchist.

May, 1909 NATO and the UCN meet in DC the first time since the end of the Great War, the two parties agree
US Capitol

the United Nations building in DC

on a proposal issued by former CA President Poirot to create an organization in which all nations could freely speak what they think; the United Nations is created and all nations are invited to speak in the Old Capitol Building in DC; the CA test scores drop to roughly 76% average.

Regeneratio Lingua Latina

June-October, 1909 the first UN meeting occurs; the CA President of the Congress Theodore Roosevelt becomes concerned for the education system, he looks into the past to see what could be done to fix the problem, he arrives at the answer... Latin; the CA Congress passes the Latin Act which does these things:

I) Latin is mandatory in all schools from First Grade onwards.

II) States are to show proof of Latin being as rigorously taught as the other academics.

III) All proclamations of the President of the Congress and all laws created after October 9, 1909 are to be written in Latin.

November-December, 1909 People begin to complain about Latin being taught as heavily as English is in schools even though it is a dead language and not even written much in scientific circles where it was last readily used. Theodore Roosevelt is re-elected President of the Congress of the Commonwealths of America, on the 29th of November President T. Roosevelt asks Congress to create an official language for the nation. On the 9th day of December the VI Article of the Constitution which says these things.
Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt celebrating the passing of the VIth Article

VI) The official languages of the Commonwealths of America shall be English and Latin.

(rest of) December, 1909 President T. Roosevelt and Chairman Wilson have Christmas dinner together in the White House.

January-April, 1909 CA students continue to learn Latin and many begin to write personal papers in Latin. The Vatican praises the CA for bringing Latin back, an issue which the Vatican had been campaigning for. Latin is beginning to be spoken by CA students to say things that they don't want their parents to hear or just for recreation. Because of this, parents often start studying Latin.

May, 1909 CA test scores show a tremendous jump in test scores from 76% to nearly 87%; Russia, France, Britain, Luxembourg, Italy, the USSA, and Spain teach Latin to their students to confirm the results of the CA test scores rising from learning Latin. The Latin language is beginning to be spoken on the streets by many people and some stores begin to put signs in English and Latin.

June, 1909 Latin is spoken readily in Rome for the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire. the National Institute of Linguistics in Trenton (the international standard in linguistics) declares Latin a living language, the only one to date to rise from the ashes of the title a dead language. July, 1st is declared a national holiday (Regeneratio Lingua Latina) by Theodore Roosevelt and backed up by Congress officially declared it one on July, 14.