The Ten-Day War or the Costa Rican Independence War was a brief military conflict between the Costa Rican Territorial Defence and the Mexican People's Army (MPA) in 1991 following Costa Rica's declaration of independence.

Costa Rican Independence War
Part of the Mexican Wars

Column of MPA tanks entering Costa Rica from Mexican-controlled Nicaragua

Date 27 June 1991 – 6 July 1991
Location Costa Rica
Result Costa Rican victory and independence
  • Mexican People's Army
  • Costa Rica
35,200 Mexican People's Army (MPA) personnel 16,000 Costa Rican Territorial Defence (CRTD), 10,000 police
Casualties and losses
44 killed,
146 wounded
4,944 prisoners

(Slovenian estimates)

18 killed,
182 wounded

(official casualties)

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