Corsican Independence is an alternate timeline in which the British Empire decided to aid the Corsica Republic in securing their independence from France and the Genoese Republic. This then started the Corsican War between the major European powers.


In our timeline, Corsica, under the leadership of Pasquale Paoli, declared its independence from the Genoese Republic in the November of 1755. By 1764, Genoa realized that it could not hope to regain control of Corsica, so they sold the island to France in a secret treaty. In 1768, Genoa officially ceded control of Corsica to France in the Treaty of Versailles. The French then invaded the island, and Pasquale Paoli led the Corsican resistance against them.

The British failed in intervene in the conflict, and Pasquale Paoli was defeated in the Battle of Ponte Novu in the May of 1769. By 1770, Corsica was under complete French control.


In the alternate timeline, the British declare war on France in 1768 in order to save the Corsican Republic. Spain, Sardinia, Prussia, Hanover, the Netherlands, Naples, Sicily, and Russia joined Britain's side during the war, while the Ottoman Empire, Genoa, and Austria joined France's side.

Britain defeated France, and France was forced to recognize Corsican independence. Nevertheless, both countries developed a significant war debt. Britain decided to force the American colonist to pay their debt, while France forced the French lower class to pay theirs.

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