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Republic of Corsica
Repubblica Corsa
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Corsica
Flag of Corsica Coat of Arms of Corsica
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of Corsica

Amici e non di ventura (Corse and Italian)
("Friends, and not by mere accident")

Anthem "Dio vi salvi regina"
(and largest city)
Other cities Bastia, Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio
Corse and Italian
  others French
Roman Christianity
  others Atheism, Judaism and others
Ethnic Groups
Corse, French
  others Italian and others
Demonym Corsican
Government Semi-presidential and unitary republic
  legislature Parliament of Corsica
President François Giacobbi
Prime Minister Juan Filippi
Area 8,680 km²
Population 315.000 
Established 1962
Independence from France
Currency Corsican Lira
Time Zone UTC +1

The Corsica is a successor state of the ex-French Republic, currently is claimed by the French Republic.


The isle of Corsica was knowing since the ancient times as the Isle of the Beauty, it was colonized by the Fenices, Greeks, Romans. During medieval times it was under control of Pisa and then under control of Genoa until 1755, when Pasquale Paoli declare the independence of Corsica from Genoa and established the Republic of Corsica, after he have write the Constitution of Corsica, the fist at give access at the vote for the woman. But after some years of fighting again Genoa and France the Republic fall and in 1768 return to Genoa, the same year the isle was give at the Kingdom of French for pay his debts.

During the period under the France the isle was oppressed and it wasn't doing anything for modernize Corsica, except during the First French Empire and during the French Republic, Corsica have also give birth at Napoleon Bonaparte, a Corsican general who have unite Europe under the French flag and under the ideology of liberty, equality and democracy.

During WW2 Corsica was liberated by the Italian Royal Army, the Corsicans had seen the Italian troops as liberation troops and many wanna become part of Italy. Corsica it was also the first department of France to be liberated with the help of the Italian troops and of the Corsican partisans.


During the Armagedon Corsica wasn't hit, but many people was shocked what they know what happened to the France, after the arrive of at least 200,000 refugees from France. Many Corsican asked at the prefect of the ex-department of Corsica the declare of independence and the constitution of a republic, the prefect at the first was reluctant at give independence. The prefect declare immediately the martial law and a increase of the agriculture, this have prevent famine or other problem. But riots happend in Ajaccio and Bastia again the Martial law and the French occupation. In the January of the 1963 the prefect have declare the republic of Corsica, with great happiness by the Corsican, it was used the old constitution of the First Corsican Republic. The first president was Pierre Lombardi, a Corsican independentist. He have created a socialist government for bring stability at the Isle, his first act was the creation of the Corsican Armed Forces and the requisition of at least the 50% of the private boats and ships for create a Navy, also with the ships and boats of the French Navy located in Corsica. With the socialist reforms the Corsica has become a self-sufficient nation on food and energy, it was make also reforms for promote the Corsican and the Italian, despite the French.
François Giacobbi

François Giacobbi, the founder and the first president of the Republic of Corsica, the "father of the new republic"

In the 1972, after year of stability and growing a ship of the French Navy explore the city of Ajaccio and knowing what happened at the island, thanks to a speech with the president. After this the captain of the ship have asked and offer at the Corsican government their joined at the French Republic. The president have refuse and say "Ci sarà mai essiri sutta lu cuntrollu stranera, e si lu francesi sarà già p'accupari la ci hà da li so 'dìanti". The French for don't cause a diplomatic incident and for not be killied return in France.

After this the Republic have join at the WEU and at the NATO for stopped the french expansionism, in the 80s Corsica was finally recognize by the Government of Paris, as the same Ajaccio recognize France as soverign republic.

In the same year Corsica have make expeditions in Italy for see what remain there, they have knowing the fate of Sardinia, Italian Republic and other survivor states.

After this the Corsica was recognize by the Italian states as soverign republic and with fully indipendence from France, but the Italian ambassador at Ajaccio asked at the president if they wanna become the 7th Region of the Italian Republic, but the president have refuse as he say "We can't loose our indipendence, even if our brother ask at us to be part of Italy, it will be an honor be a part of Italy again, but sadly we wan't loose also our national identity. But we hope our relations can even grown."

At now Corisca it is a small country with a population less of 500,000 but is a power country in the Mediteerean Sea and a Crossroad for the naval trade between Europe and Africa, is also a democratic country and a member of WEU, NATO and ILON, and also for his small population and size the electric energy is only product by green energy. 

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