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Repubblica Corsa
Corsican Republic
Timeline: Age of Kings
Preceded by 1755-1810 Succeeded by
Flag of Genoa Republic of Genoa Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy Kingdom of Italy
Flag of Corsica
Anthem "Dio vi Salvi Regina"
(and largest city)
  others Corsican; French
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Constitutional republic
  legislature General Diet of the People of Corsica
Area 8,680 km²
Currency Soldi

The Corsican Republic was a republic established on the island of Corsica in 1755 after the Republic of Genoa steadily lost control of the island. Unable to maintain it, Genoa sold their claim to France. Unable to defeat the numerically superior French, the republic ultimately capitulated in 1769. Its president Pasquale Paoli fled into exile and Corsica became a French province.

During the French Revolution in 1794, Paoli returned from exile and initiated another rebellion against French rule. Thanks to skilled military commanders like Napoleon Bonaparte and British support, French forces were forced off of the island and the republic was established yet again.

Paoli died in 1807 and Napoleon, now an up and coming politician, removed any political rivals and solidified his position as the sole leader of the Republic. By 1810, Corsica had established a firm foothold in northern and central Italy, prompting Napoleon to abolish the republic as a sovereign entity and crown himself King of Italy.

Despite being the result of Corsican nationalism, its founder Paoli was very interested in Italian culture and politics, something his successor Napoleon shared. It was this interest that led Napoleon to initiate the Italian War of Unification, which gave birth to the modern nation state of Italy.