Republica Corsica
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Corsica
Flag of Corsica Blason Corse
Flag Coat of Arms

("Rising from the Ruins")

(and largest city)
Other cities Corte, Bastia
Language Corsican, French
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Corsican
Government Semi-Presidential Republic
President Leo Battesti
Prime Minister François Alfonsi
Area 8680 sq km. km²
Population 265,000 
Independence from France
  declared 1984
Currency Corsican Lira

The Republic of Corsica is a French successor state in Europe based on the island of Corsica. In recent years, it has been on guard against Sicilian aggression.



Since the mid-18th century, Corsica had been ruled by France.

Doomsday and Aftermath

Corsica managed to avoid nuclear impact on Doomsday. At first, residents of the island were unaware of the full extent of what had happened. As fallout started to come in from the French mainland, people began to understand the scale of the catastrophe.The Corsican regional authorities acted swiftly. In March 1984, the new Republic of Corsica was formed. The new nation was not the true first Corsican state-a previous attempt at Corsican independence had been made in 1769 but had been crushed by France. Corsica immediately went into survival mode, with rationing of food and other supplies.

Twenty years of peace

The next two decades were marked by the formation of a new Corsican national identity. The native Corsican language experienced a revival. Economically, Corsica pursued a path of self-sufficiency, with food industries previously geared towards export to the mainland were now utilized to feed the people of Corsica.

New Millennium, New Challenges

In 2004, Corsica made official contact with Monaco and the Alpine Confederation. This was just in time, as the Sicily Republic was embarking on a new wave of conquests. So far, Sicily has not attempted to invade Corsica, but many fear it is just a matter of time, despite the Sicilian defeat in the Second Sicily War, which the island fought against the Sicilians alongside the rest of the ADC. They were given a junior role in the mandate of the island of Sardinia with the IPA.

Government and Politics

The government of Corsica is a semi-presidential system similar to pre-Doomsday France. The main political parties are the Corsican Popular Party (center-right), the Social Democrats (left-wing), and the Liberal Party (classical liberalism).

International Relations

Corsica is an observer state in the League of Nations. It has joined the Atlantic Defense Community to protect itself against the imperialist Sicilians.

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