Cornwall Empire
Timeline: January 19, 1801
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Oll kernow (all Cornwall) (Cornish)

Capital Deinberg
Largest city Deinberg
  others English
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group Cornish
King Bethlehem I
Population 120 million 

George Washington drowns in a lake at a young age. The American revolution lasts longer but eventually fails. Cornwall takes advantage of a distracted British Empire and revolts itself. A new nation, the Cornwall Empire, becomes a superpower over the next two centuries.

The Cornish Revolution.

England has most of its armed forces in the American Colony. A man in Cornwall will start a huge revolution. His name is Bethlehem Cadwallader. He has been training troops from Cornwall for the right time to revolt. They sign their own Declaration of Independence on July 5, 1789. England sends troops to the Cornish city of Delinberg, but they were ready. They unload cannons from the ground, 63 in all, and fire away at the British Navy. Meanwhile, Musketeers in trees fire at any ground militants within their range. This goes on for a while. As the British death toll rises, Sweden helps the Cornish by having round the clock boats firing at every naval ship going to Cornwall. Fighting continues until January 19, 1802. Cornwall is a free monarchy now ruled by King Bethlehem I.

The Napoleonic wars

On July 4 1805, Napoleon's army invades Prussia. England and Holy Rome declare war On France. Cornwall, France, and Sweden sign the Napoleon pact, an alliance is formed. Koreans in Siberia are revolting against Russia, so they never enter the war. Britain, Holy Rome, The Ottoman Empire, And Portugal ally themselves. Cornwall Invades British Ireland and captures it by the dawn of 1807. Spain joins Napoleon's allies and invades Portugal. Cornwall and Sweden invade Britain On June 9 1808, but are pushed back after a year of that campaign. Spain and France invade Holy Rome, capturing all of it by 1811. Napoleon supporters in Russia persuade Russia to join in on the side of Napoleon. Riots in Spain cause them to exit the war. On December 7 1816, Portugal successfully takes Spain in a year, taking all of Spain's colonies. Cornwall invades Britain. They capture Greenwich by the end of the decade. By 1825, They have London. Scotland fights for independence on a severely weakened Britain, succeed, and join the Napoleon pact. The Ottomans drop out of the war, and Portugal surrenders. France annexes most of original Spain, Cornwall takes Brazil and Florida, and Sweden takes mainland Portugal and the rest of the colonies. King Bethlehem II dies of an unknown cause. His 17 year old cousin Asbanicous I, would take the throne.

The Short World War

On December 1 1900, Napoleon IV is assassinated by a Chinese Muslim group. the Napoleon pact members declare war on the Ottoman Empire and the Qing Dynasty. Cornwall and France invade the Ottoman Empire while the rest of the pact invades China. The invasions are successful by February 11 1901, but the New Mali empire and Siberia invades France. They are pushed back and defeated by May, but killed more people than the Napoleonic war And The Cornish Revolution combined, with 115,500 Civilian deaths and 50,000 militant deaths. This was in part to a new kind of weapon, the Chemical Bomb.

Cornish Prosper

On January 9 1902 After King Asbanicous I's death, Queen Bethlehem III takes control of this land. She will come to do many things for her country. She Starts improving the economy, making Cornwall a dominant economic power. Zenzukt and Aztecia, two dominant Native American Empires (Zenzukt now Canada, Alaska and New England) (Aztecia, Texas, Cuba, Mexico, most of South and Central America) are very essential allies contributing to its economical growth, along with France. They grow in every aspect, becoming one of the Four superpowers, Along with France, Aztecia and the Zulu Republic, a small but powerful nation in South Africa

Antarctican Republic

Cornwall sends an expedition to Antarctica, Queen Bethlehem III last order before she dies on May 30 1966. By 1979, The have a permanent settlement there, the whole continent becomes The Antarctic Republic, a Self Governing Kingdom State of Cornwall. Cornwall is now ruled by An old King Asbanicous II, who rules for 29 years.

The 4/9/11 crisis

On April 9 2011, Napoleon VIII disappeared. most of the French believed it was ordered by Cornwall to assassinate/capture Napoleon VIII because the wanted to know how to use PRE (pure radiation energy) and other things. many countries came to the defence of each side, and hostilities would have started if they didn't get a ransom note a day later. They traced the note and multiple other stuff to a man named Francis Beane. He was hung. If they didn't find him, the world could have been annihilated in nuclear war.

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