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The Grand Duchy of Cornwall is a nation in south-western Great Britain which has been independent since 1993. Its industries include tourism, creativity, kaolin production, fishing, dairy farming and market gardening. It has a population of 475,000 and an area of 3,515 sq km. The capital is Truro and the official languages are Cornish and English. The contiguous area of Cornwall is divided into nine kevrangow plus the Scilly Isles. These are: Syllan, Penryth, Keryer, Pow Ereder, Pereda, Tregordh, Lysnowyth, Stradneth, West Fowy and East Ryslegh. The non-contiguous territories besides Scilly are represented and administered together. There are also the Stannaries.

Political parties

The Cornish parliament, or Seneth an Stenegow Kernow, has six seats, which means that parliaments are quite likely to be hung under any system. Two parties are currently represented: the Party Kenethlegek Kernow and the Mebyon Kernow, with three seats each. The Party Kenethlegek Kernow are right wing while the Mebyon Kernow are centre-left. In this respect, Cornish politics is very different from England's in that it still divides into left and right wing tendencies.

Constitutional status

Cornwall has been a grand duchy since it achieved independence. Its current head of state is the Duke of Cornwall, currently Louis, Prince of Wales. It also includes territory outside Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and is not an entirely contiguous territory. There are a number of enclaves in Wessex, Wales and Mercia and the Stannaries.


Cornish coinage still exists and includes a high percentage of tin.

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