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Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Cornwall
Flag of Cornwall Cornwall
Flag Coat of Arms

Onen hag oll (Cornish) One and all (English) (Cornish, West Country Dialect English)

Anthem "Song of the Western Men"
(and largest city)
Other cities Redruth, Penzance, St. Austel
Language Cornish, West Country Dialect English
Religion Anglicanism and Methodism
Ethnic Group Cornish, English
Demonym Cornish
Government Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Cornish Assembly
Duke Charles (Disputed)
  Royal house: Winsdor
Population 38,000 (2016 est) 
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 5th of March 1984
Annexation to Celtic Alliance
  date 1994

The Duchy Of Cornwall is part of the Celtic Alliance and is located in the former English county of Cornwall. It forms the tip of the south-western peninsula of the former United Kingdom. It is bordered to the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the English Channel.


Cornwall (Cornish: Kernow), was a county in the former West Country in the UK.


Plymouth, located in nearby Devon, was hit by a 1MT missile, turning most of it in to 'toxic dust' and radioactive 'garnet stone'. It was quarantined until 2013 due to radiation. There were few survivor an many of these people became deformed. The cracking of skin, loss of hair, body odour, cancer and sensitivity to UV rays made many patients of radiation sickness a difficult to take care of.

Post Doomsday

In the aftermath of the nuclear war in 1983, there was chaos. Technology was mostly shut down, and for the first time in their lives Cornish people were alone, truly and utterly alone. They were forced to recreate society and in the years since Doomsday many British survivor nations have formed.

Contact with the Celtic Alliance

[Insert Something about first contact.]

Life today

[Insert Something about modern life.]


The 'Cornish Language Revival' occurred in the early 2000s and now 10% are bilingual in English and Cornish. A few also know some Irish, Breton and Welsh.


Potato derived ethanol is a major domestic fuel supply. There is some minor wind-power.

State emblems

The Duchy's logo was a chough crow of the genus Pyrrhocorax of the Corvidae (crow) family of birds chewing a old medieval bezant era gold coin in its beak. This is still in use to this very day, as is the pre-Doomsday Cornish cross flag.

The census of 2010

The results of the General Census of Cornwall were as follows:

  1. Total population of 33,886.
  2. Males - 18,006.
  3. Females - 15,880.
  4. Children under 16 - 4,021.
  5. Employment is at 92%.
  6. 58% of households have running water.
  7. 66% of households have electricity.
  8. 12% of households have a gas supply.
  9. Literacy rate - 68%
  10. Literacy rate of under 16's - 52%


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