Copenhagen is a nation in Europe. It has a long history although for most of the time that is synonymous with Jutland's.

The Danish Years


In the 1300s, the Kalmar Union was formed. It lasted a while,before Sweden seceded and the Kingdom of Denmark was formed, now known as Denmark-Norway. It lasted and thrived for a long time. However, in the 1700s, it declined and the Norwegians pressed for independence. Denmark refused to comply. Finally, in 1814, Sweden bought Norway from Denmark,bringing Denmark-Norway to an end.

Danish Rule

Copenhagen was Danish,and was culturally so. Denmark's borders were not effected by the Congress of Vienna, although Schleswig and Holstein were now independent under the Danish King. Then in 1860, Schleswig was merged into Denmark, Holstein remained independent. However by 1910,Denmark's economy had failed, this is when Jutland and Schleswig declared independence.


Jutland's independence was recognized in 1924. However a war, the War of Jutland Independence broke out in 1913 and ended in a Jute victory,Schleswig had gained independence in 1921, this meant that Denmark ended as a nation in 1925 when Copenhagen gained independence.Copenhagen quickly repaired its economy, bringing it back to were it was in 1904. By 1940, Copenhagen had the middle economy in former Denmark. Then,Copenhagen launched an attack beginning the Danish Wars.

The Danish Wars

Copenhagen defeated the Jutes in many battles in the First two Danish Wars and forced it into an alliance,The Danish Alliance. Copenhagen went on to invade Schleswig-Holstein, defeating it in the Third Danish War and forcing it to join the Danish Alliance. In the Fourth and Fifth Danish Wars, Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein rose up against Copenhagen but were defeated and annexed into the United Kingdom of Denmark. In the Sixth and Seventh Danish Wars, Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein successfully regained independence ending the Danish Wars.

Restored Nation

In 1960, the Second World War began, Copenhagen joined the Allies and defeated in many battles Spain,Italy,Britain, and Prussia. In consequence for their actions, the Axis were dismantled and occupied. Copenhagen gained the Mandate of New Caledonia. The Danish Wars had ended in 1954, but it tried to invade Jutland again but was repulsed. 

The Cold War 

In 1967, the Cold War began between the Russian Socialist Federation and the Democratic Alliance. Copenhagen joined the Socialist Alliance and was attacked by Jutland which was on the Democratic side of the "War". In the end, it lost a few islands and all of its mainland territory. The war was known as the Danish-Jute War and ended in 1973. The Mandate was freed and turned into the Republic of New Caledonia. In 1992, the Russian Socialist Federation collapsed with its official successor Siberia becoming the Siberian Federation. Copenhagen since then has been struggling to survive.

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