Francis Michel Trenton (January 14, 1962 - July 23, 1991), known professionally as Cooper Trent, was an American actor, model and teen icon in the 1980's, known as one of the four "Bad Boys of Hollywood" along with his friends Nick Johnson, Kris Deckard and JT Schumanch. During his time as an actor, Trent typically played rebellious misfits in teen films, although he tried to branch out with various independent projects in the later years of his life. During the peak of his popularity in the mid-1980's, he was regarded as a sex symbol by many in the media, praised for his ability to channel the counterculture mentality of the anti-war movement into popular culture, and derided by many within the Hollywood elite (especially acting colleagues) for his brash, hard-partying ways and heavy drug usage. Despite his association with the various counter-culture movements of the mid-1980's, Trent had served a tour with full distinction in Brazil in 1980 and 1981 and angrily berated a reporter for insinuating that he was anti-military at an event in 1986.

Trent is best known for an episode at the 1990 Academy Awards at which he arrived at the Red Carpet high on cocaine wearing a leopard-print suit and pants without a shirt underneath, and he got into verbal altercations with director Pat Alden and actor Lee Oswald while walking into the Kodak Theater. A month later, he was arrested for disorderly conduct in Las Vegas and sentenced to a twelve-month prison term and thirty months of probation after pleading guilty to have used cocaine and alcohol. After his widely publicized release from prison in May of 1991, however, he left rehabilitation and died just over two months later at a party in Malibu at his friend Deckard's house of a cocaine overdose.

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