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Thank you for taking part in this timeline. You are welcome to contribute, as long as you follow these general rules;

  1. Please try to keep spelling and grammar as best as possible.
  2. When you have made a change (that is not an obvious correction of an error) please make a note on the relevant talk page and remember to sign it.
  3. Please do not delete any great chunks of text or pages, instead put a marker and tell me why you want to delete it.
  4. Please try to keep with the general theme - don't go and make the empire collapse or something.
  5. You are welcome to edit as much as you like, but if I decide I do not like the changes I have full right to revert them back. I won't do this without reason, and I welcome any appeal on this.

Things to be done (in order of importance);

  • Finishing off timeline
  • Making the timeline more plausible whilst sticking to the general theme
  • Creating country profile pages
  • Making relevant maps
  • Working out country demographics
  • Writing about culture, the present day etc.
  • Making a news updater

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