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Adolf Hitler
Timeline: No Interference

Adolf Hitler (No Int.)
Adolf Hitler, 1942

Chancellor of Germany
1932 – 1938

Predecessor: Paul Von Hindenburg
Successor: Olaf Cheynafsky

Führer of the Nazi Party
1938 – 1949

Predecessor: None
Successor: None
Born: 20 April, 1889
Braunau am Inn, Austria–Hungary
Died: 3 November, 1949
Outside Berlin, Germany
Wife: Eva Braun
Political Party: National Socialist German Worker's Party
Religion: Aryan
Profession: Ruler of Germany
Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - November 3, 1949) was an Austrian-born German politician and Leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party. He became Chancellor of Germany in 1932 by means of means of nomination of a reluctant Paul Von Hindenburg and later Dictator of Germany from 1938 to 1949.

Hitler's political and foreign policies on gaining land had the goal of seizing the "Living Space" for the German People. In 1939, Hitler rearmed the German Military and captured Poland, leading to the outbreak of World War II. By 1941, Germany and its European Allies had control over most of Europe and parts of North Africa. These gradually reversed and soon the Russian Superpower defeated the German Army and gained its foothold in Europe in 1949.

On November 3rd, 1949. As Hitler made his getaway from the Russian Forces in Berlin, British Spies launched an ambush on his vehicle via rocket-propelled grenades. The car exploded, killing the driver and wounding Hitler. As Hitler tried to escape; British Sniper, Adam Grayrock, shot Hitler in the back of the skull killing him.

Eva Braun's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Chancellor of Germany


Transformation to the Third Reich


Führer of the Nazi Party


The Holocaust


World War II


Betrayal of Russia


Death and Legacy


Russian Takeover of Europe








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