The Contra War was an armed conflict in Nicaragua in 1986. The war was between the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front and the rebel group known as the Contra. The war is noted for the American support of the Contras and the Soviet support of the SNLF.

The support of the Contras by the CIA in 1986 responded with the Soviets sending funding to the SNLF, though it was thought they might have been supporting them since 1984. The SNLF crushed the Contras in the Battle of the Mosquito Coast, and the Contras were forced to flee. The SNLF continued to control the control until 1990, when a nuclear missile destroyed much of the government at Managua.

The control of Nicaragua by the Communists led to the fear of the Domino Effect occurring in Central America, and lead to increasing arms shipments to Central American countries. This would later lead to World War III.

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