Continuation of the Monarchy amendment
Ia. If the reigning monarch is to abdicate with no heirs or the royal family dies out a mini election will take place in state parliament to decide the next monarch.
Ib. When there is no reigning monarch a regent is appointed by parliament, the chancellor, and cabinet are note eligible for being regent.
II. People in the state can be nominated by MPs well people out of state can also be nominated by MPs or themselves. After least six candidates are decided upon there will be an election in parliament where every MP (chancellor included) gets to vote on who they think should be next king/queen. Whoever receives the most wins and is next monarch
III. No MP is allowed to vote for themselves, or nominate them selves.
IV. If possible the monarchs should switch from German-Polish for dynastic lines. If no candidates for one are found then it is passed over until the next time a monarchial election is needed.
V. If a royal line has three consecutive no confidence votes against them their dynasty is considered removed and an election for a new monarch takes place.

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