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In Quetzalcoatl's World there are many more continents than there are *here*. Most are names from Nahuatl of a Mayan dialect. Some are mispronunciations of other words. Some are drawn at cultural barriers.
Continents Quetzal
Others are more political.

  • Meshikou, meaning land of Mexicans(what the Aztecs are sometimes called) the name gradually flew down to incorporate the Inca and Tupi lands as well as the Islands.

*Yakkamuka, an out-dated Nahuatl word Northern Strip. Previously scientists thought that the name had Mayan origins.

  • Europa, one of the two Greek names for continents, Europa was character in Greek Mythology. Long before the Aztecs came, the name was used for this continent.
  • Aztlan, in Aztec Mythology, Aztlan is the place where the Aztecs came from. Mayan explorers thought that they had found this land and the name stuck. Aztlan once included all of OTL Africa.
  • New Tlaxcala, first recognized as a continent in 1999, this continent is one of the most ethnically diverse. Tlaxcalans chose the name.
  • Asia, Also a Greek name.
  • Siberia, Russians named it after the Khanate of Siber.
  • IndoSlequah, Slequah is a P'urhepecha (the language of the Tarascans) word meaning "By the sea". Indo comes from the land called India.
  • QueSlequah, QueSlequah was first discovered by the Tarascans. Que means New Land.
  • PukaSlequah, PukaSlequah was first used as a penal colony by the Tarascans. Puka means prison.
  • Madhaskir, is a mispronunciation of Madagascar.

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