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In this reality that greatly diverges from our own reality, a mysterious race of bipedal humanoid aliens called "the Vraeq'eoll" has begun making observations upon our planet.

Saucer concept

This is the flying saucer of the Vraeq'eoll.

First Contact?

On February 18th of the year of Our Lord 1993, a mysterious alien spacecraft began appearing upon the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. It was witnessed by a group of five-thousand witnesses. Little did the world that this was the beginning of a mysterious event around the globe.

Then, on February 19th of the year of Our Lord 1993, mysterious sets of crop circles began to appear in the crop fields of Nebraska.

The Vraeq'eoll

The Vraeq'eoll are a mysterious race of bipedal humanoid aliens that came from a distant planet that orbits the primary star of a K-type main-sequence binary star system. They're a technologically greater race of space-farers that evolved from omnivorous bipedal creatures on their home-planet for millions of years to the point that they became technologically advanced than that of us, human beings.

Vraeq'eoll physiology

They're a bipedal race of humanoid aliens that's for sure. They all have six eyes as well as they all have four arms and hands. Each of their four hands all have fingers of six as well as each of their feet all have toes of six as well. They all have opposable thumbs, like us, human beings. Instead of mouths like ours, they all have mandibles that are remarkably similar to that of the Predator from the Predator franchise. They all also possess a single set of nostrils that's also remarkably similar to that of our primates on Earth. Their skin is a deep brick red color that's also remarkably similar to that of the East Pacific red octopuses on Earth.

Their blood is purple. This is because their blood is composed of both cobalt blue and iron compounds, which gives them an advantage over us, I think. They all also possess a binary cardiovascular system, which means they all have two hearts instead of one like us, human beings.

They're all also mammalian in nature as well. For example, all of the Vraeq'eoll females have two mammary glands located in their own breasts as well as they all have the biological ability to give birth to live young from their wombs as well as all of the females also have the biological ability to breastfed their younglings. Another example, is that all of the Vraeq'eoll males have a penis and two testes as well as the biological ability to produce semen for their females, just like their females all have the biological ability to produce eggs in their ovaries.

The Vraeq'eoll females carry the developing young inside their wombs for six months. This is because of their physiology and biochemistry.

Their natural lifespan is far more greater than that of us, human beings. Their natural lifespan ends at eight-hundred years of their existence.

Their visual range of all their six eyes is both in our visual range to that of the near-infrared visual range.

Finally, all their brains are all far more complex as well as far much larger than that of our brains.

Also, both all the Vraeq'eoll males and females are all highly-lean and highly-muscular in nature.

Vraeq'eoll technology

Their technology is far more greater than that of us, human beings of Earth. They had mastered science and technology that's far more superior than that of us, human beings of Earth. Here's are some of their far more greater achievements over us, human beings of Earth.

Alcubierre warp drive: It allows their spacecrafts to achieve faster-than-light travel by artificially producing a configurable energy-density field lower than that of vacuum (that's known to us as negative mass). Rather than by exceeding the speed of light within a local reference frame, their spacecrafts traverse distances by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it, resulting in their effective faster-than-light travel. Their spacecrafts cannot accelerate to the speed of light within normal spacetime; instead, their Alcubierre warp drive shifts space around their spacecrafts so that their spacecrafts would arrive at its destination faster than light would in normal space.

Cloaking device: Its their stealth technology that can cause their objects, such as their spaceships or individuals of their entire race, to be wholly invisible to entire parts of the entire electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. To make an object of theirs or individuals of their entire race literally vanish before a person's eyes, a cloak would simultaneously interact with all of the wavelengths, or colors, that make up light itself.

Teleportation device: It's a device that allows the Vraeq'eoll to transfer matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.

Powered exoskeleton suits: Is their mobile machines consisting primarily of an outer framework (akin to an insect's exoskeleton) worn by the Vraeq'eoll, and powered by a system of unknown alloys and energy sources that delivers at least part of the energy for limb movement in their suits.

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