The Battle of Los Angeles started in January 1942, when U.S. defenses opened fire to a UFO in the sky, suspecting it being a japanese zero, but it was really a Minervan Scout ship, which crashed in Glendale, which OSS agents were sent to investigate the wreckage, and they came up with a solution: Martians have landed.The wreckage is sent to a base in New Mexico, where it is being studied by the nations' top scentists
350px-Battle of Los Angeles LATimes

Telegrams were being sent to President Roosevelt and informed Britain and The Soviet Union of this revealation. The Pilots amazingly survived the crash, but sustained severe injuries upon impact, but they were sent to deliver a message, a warning for all of the earth.The Mothership landed in Washington, and were granted a audience with The President. Their translator was a small droid, which it spoke " Earth, Your world is being invaded, not by us, but a different race, the Krull Empire, who is funding this civil war you are fighting with the Empire led by this Hitler, who is actually one of the Krulls sent down to assimilate into your society to destroy it, we seek to help repel this attack, as the krulls have destroyed our home planet, and we did not want your world to suffer the same fate"

Minervan Starships landed in military bases in Russia, Britain, and The United States and used their technology and combined their technology with world war II tech to combat Hitler's evil empire.

Early Intergalactic war

The first battle began in Stalingrad as Krull Troops allied with the german army encircling the city , which a fully mechanical russian army with newly developed mecha troops which defeated the germans but the krulls had equal strength and nearly overwhelmed the russians, until newly developed american starships flew over and dropped thousands of mechas to reinforce the russians

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