Constitutional Union
Verfassungs Union / Unione Costituzionale
Leader Agostino di Gaggiano Franzzini
Founded 23 April 1848 (as Independent Italian Party)
Headquarters Vienna (1848-1885), Milan (1885-)
Ideology Liberalism
Classical Liberalism
States Rights
Political position Centre-Left - Centre
Official colours Cerulean
Federal Assembly:
19 / 443
Federal Council:
2 / 56

The Constitutional Union (CU) is a classical liberal political party in the Danubian Federation. The party was formed in 1880 by a reformation within the Republican Alliance (previously the Independent Italian Party). The Republican Alliance had been in existence for 32 years and in power under several leftist coalitions. During these times in government, the Constitutional Union consistently served in the office of Vice President. In the 1880s, the Constitutional Union's leader, Francesco de Palma joined the Danubian Patriotic Union in power - returning to the Vice Presidency under Conservative leadership.

Following de Palma's brief presidency, arrest, and ultimate execution, the Constitutional Union was left without its most influential figure, and the man who had led the party for over three decades; one wing of the party, predominantly non-Italian, supported joining the Danubian Peace and Prosperity Party in a merger, whilst the Italian wing opposed such a move vehemently, and instead asked Agostino di Gaggiano Franzzini to take over the leadership, which he accepted. After several months of debate, the two factions reconciled with DPPP (during these few months referred to as CUPP) was absorbed into the now much more powerful Constitutional Union, with Franzzini remaining party leader.

Leaders and Statistics

Francesco de Palma : 1852-1886
Agostino di Gaggiano Franzzini  : 1886-