The Constitutional Convention of 1823 settled many matters between the states and feds of New England. After two weeks of bitter debate compromises are made and some concepts are taken from the US while new ones are applied to the new young republic.

Initial Demands

The Feds demanded that their be a common army and navy along with a nationwide tax collection of 10% of ones income. They also wanted to have a national Bill of Rights that belonged to the entire nation and be applied to all states and citizens. They also wanted a common currency as they also wanted to abandon using the British Sterling Pound and US Dollar but instead create a NE Dollar or New England Dollar. The New Englanders demanded that everything remained the same and that each state supplied its own armies instead of a national army.

The Compromise of the Feds and States

The States agreed to have a national army, navy, currency, tax collection, and Bill of Rights. The States and Feds agreed to have a national army and navy but also that each sate had its own militia and navy in case of need of defense. The currency was agreed on and would be fully distributed by 1833. The Bill of Rights would be similar to the United States Bill of Rights except that all men are allowed to do the same things and have the same things along with slavery being illegal. Also certain laws would have certain requirements for federal jobs and state and local jobs. As for taxes their would be a national tax collection and would also be a state tax collection determined by the state if any at all.


The Constitutional Convention of 1823 allowed for the Republic of New England to become a more unified nation and would help New England survive its darkest days throughout history. This was a truly crucial event in the history of the world and especially in New England.

1814: The American Civil War

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